Friday 30 August 2013

Over Land and Sea........

Sir Chris's good friend and mentor Nigel Pearson

We couldn't really have a tougher game tomorrow than playing Leicester. In some ways we'd probably be better off playing almost anyone away given our current situation. The players seem low on confidence, the pressure is on and the natives will no doubt be restless.

The transfer window still being open doesn't help and one or two players may be making their swansong appearances on Saturday. The sooner the window closes the better and perhaps players can be more focused without that distraction.

Our defence which has served us so well over the previous two seasons suddenly seems all at sea. Prior to the start of this season it was obvious we were unlikely to match the achievements of last term. I felt that mid table would be a success. I was confident we could do that given that the first choice back 5 were still here. For some reason and probably as part of the general malaise the rearguard has been more of a chocolate fireguard. 

It's difficult to be positive about any aspect of the club whether on or off the pitch. However, this is Charlton and the majority of us has been there, done that and got the t-shirt. It's not easy been a fan of most football clubs with Charlton it's mostly been bloody hard work.........yet we're still here eh ?

Those tough times ( too many to mention ! ) were not for the faint-hearted and they're not now. However, frustrating it may be we really need to get fully behind Sir Chris and the players not matter how poor any of them may be. Moaning and especially booing won't help in any way whatsoever. We saw against Cardiff at home last season how positive and vocal support can help the team..........we need the by the bucket load at the moment.

Leicester are a good side and in great form and they have an excellent manager in Pearson who is now in his second term at City. He has twice missed out on play-off success in recent times both as a result of penalty shoot outs such is the fine line between success and failure in sport.

Missing out in such fashion usually has a galvanising effect on a team and Leicester's start to this campaign suggests that is the case for them.

I'll be glad if we get anything from tomorrow but I can't see it myself. Aside from what I've written above we still don't know our best side or come to that, formation. I do hope that Cousins starts as I really like the look of him, he has great promise.

It's hard to be upbeat but tomorrow morning I'll set off in anticipation as always because on a Saturday where else would you rather be than at The Valley ?

We will follow the Charlton over land and sea etc !

Come On You Reds !

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