Friday, 26 November 2010

Who Wants To Be A Milliner

Apparently her name is Alice...........

A welcome relief from league action tomorrow sees us take on Luton. I'm quite pleased we're playing them as several folk I know are Hatters fans.......not least my next door neighbour who's travelling down with me tomorrow. Last time he was at the Valley the game was decided 6-5 on penalties in our favour I think. I'd settle on something a little less exciting tomorrow if we win..........a boring 1-0 is ok by me !

I'm hoping to give Crossbars a try prior to the match given that it's free. The last time I went in there was when it first opened and I'm keen to see what there is that would make folk part with some wonga to go in there.....what makes it so much better than a free Bartrams ?

Hopefully the Courage Best is on offer there.........quite enjoyed that last week.

Saturday was not a great performance but the result was everything of course. Tuesday was different and 99 times out of a hundred we'd have had a convincing win but then we've got to balance that against games we've drawn or won this season that we didn't deserve anything from.

Not sure why we decided to attack the covered end in the first half on Tuesday. I always prefer us doing that in second and thought it was an unwritten rule for us.  Hope we don't do that just don't seem right.

Whilst the cup isn't our top priority it'd be good to win and go on to hopefully a big tie that would provide much needed funds. I'm sure that Luton will feel the same way and I sincerely hope that they can regain league status soon. I felt that they were treated very badly by the league following their entry into administration.

Injuries, suspensions and cup-tied players means a very different looking side tomorrow. However, I hope we see some keen and hungry players with a point to prove. It'd be especially good to see some of the youngsters who will almost inevitably be on the bench at least.

I've not seen us in the cup for some time now and am really looking forward to this one. It promises to be an entertaining game and I hope it lives up to my expectation. Let's pray that fans turn out in force to support the decision to open the covered end. Hopefully we get a good atmosphere too.

Come On You Reds !

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