Saturday 6 November 2010

It Won't Happen Again.........will it ?

                             Today's Nothing Else reporter...........give him a wave if you see him.

Sadly I can't be at today's game which is a shame cos I'd like to bee ( ha ! ha ! ) there. No, Nothing Else having already been banned from the board room subsequently received total ban from the ground itself following some comments we made about Barnet. Therefore, I'm spending the day with my mate David in the East End listening to commentary from Underhill and some game in Birmingham.

There are ways round these things, however, Nothing Else has pulled out all the stops and dug deep into our reserves ( well, a bag of toffees and a copy of the 2002 Beano Annual to be preicse ) to send the office junior ( pictured above but travelling incognito ) to report back on the game.

Someone once said ( to be fair he said every week on his t.v. show )  it's a funny old game and how right he was ! I wonder what odds you'd have got on the Addicks winning the next 3 games after the Brighton debacle. Whatever the manner of those wins and there were varying degrees of success it's been fantastic. I remain to be convinced of Parky and his overall managerial skills and abilities but you've got to acknowledge an improvement in attitude, performance and consistency from the lads.

Following Wednesday's away trip, I recommend parking and indeed, drinking at the cricket club should you visit the County Ground again.....all rather pleasant and reasonable.

There's still plenty of room for improvement and also team selection with the Addicks but it's better to enjoy this upturn in our fortunes than dwell too much on that.

Today sees us return to F.A. Cup action and it gives the players a chance to redeem themselves following last year's shocker. I'm fairly confident we can avoid a repeat of defeat to a lower league side. I'm also confident we can do this whilst resting one or two regulars. Therefore, I'm hoping that Parky leaves some out but wholesale changes are probably not in the best interests of the team.

We come up against the Count today and I hope and can't why he won't get anything other other than a warm reception from the away contingent. He always gave his best and I remember him soldiering on after a nasty blow to the old wedding tackle away at Stockport on a rather cold day last year........I think we all shared a bit of the pain on that day........not nice.

Let's hope for a comfortable win, no injuries or suspensions and an easy home tie in round 2 that hopefully would serve up a lucritive 3rd round game.........we can but hope.

Come On You Reds !

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