Saturday 13 November 2010

Posh Away

She's real purdy..well, yes, actually she was...

Wouldn't mind bumping into the lovely Joanna today but somehow feel that's unlikely. No, we don't have to be Posh to be privileged but that's what we are in supporting CAFC. I'm right aren't I ? Life wouldn't be the same following Chelsea or somesuch always winning at home and usually away, always in the Prem, boring, lifeless, souless, unprincipled beings representing your team. No siree, it's much more fun following the Addicks.

BTW the new website ? WTF ! More like webs*ite I'm afraid. No surprise in it's format cos it's the same as the other mindnumbingly boring ones thay've to every other team that uses them. Part of our identity went with that I'm sorry to say. Would have been nice ot have been forewarned......that was anasty saurprise on Thursday.

I'm keeping those posititve thoughts of the joys of following the Addicks to the fore as I head off on a relatively short journey to London Road today. The office junior has been given the day off following his big away day at Barnet last week. He enjoyed a few shandies too many at the Old Red Lion I'm sorry to say. However, he did report on events but sadly I didn't get time to post them during a busy week.

I was disappointed to hear of Addicks fans ( idiots really ) bashing a train with metal bars at Euston, however, plod caught up with them at Barnet and they were thankfully whisked away. Junior advises that we played pretty well save for Franics ( quelle surprise ) and Abbott which isn't good as we may well need him and surely he has a point to prove and should be up for it.

Despite my reservations over added games and the paint pot itself, I was quietly pleased with our midweek win over the Shrimpers. I've yet to see Racon's goal but believe it was rather good.

So to today's game which promises to be our toughest away game yet. We know the Posh possess a very potent strike threat. Indeed I recall we tried to sign both some years ago........they turned us down ! How very dare they ! We were alright then too...........can't see them joining any time soon.

However, their defence has a tad Welsh national symbol of late.........a bit leeky.......boom boom ! Let's hope we are able to exploit it.

I'm in miserable old git mode and see nothing but a defeat and potentially a big one at that. What worries me is Parky's seeming inabilty to make the correct changes and at the right time when things go wrong. Let's hope we get it right today.

If fit I'd like to see Solly in for Francis and Fortune for Doherty who appears to be a latterday Mooney.......he shall play come what may !

Here's hoping we get at least something from the game as it's very important not to lose although that is a partially negative mindset that I hope our boys don't go into the game with.

I'll be seeking a decent real ale pub for ante-prandials and The Palmerston Arms is looking favourite at present.

For those of you going like me I wish you all a very good afternoon and may we return having trousered 3 points.

Cone On You Reds !

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