Wednesday 3 November 2021

Johnnie's Journey!

A decent draw against a very good Millers’ side saw a battling Addicks’ side emerge with a point that they wouldn’t have secured had the game been played on its original date.

A stronger referee might have seen us emerge with all 3 points but as Jacko readily acknowledged a Rotherham side down to ten men might have gone totally defensive.

Jackson made just one change from the eleven that started against Donny on Saturday. It was as expected with DJ coming in for an injured Leko.

Thankfully, memories of Adkins’ tenure as manager are starting to fade. All the talk of unfit players and wanting a settled side was just guff. Jackson has delivered that settled side in the last three games and the players seem far from unfit.

Whilst acknowledging that Nigel wasn’t to blame for all the ills of our season, he’s got to take the lion’s share of it given what we’ve seen since he left.

A true test last night then and we saw the team keep going and getting the goal and point they deserved as a minimum.

A break from league action this weekend offers the chance to rest some and give others a chance to stake a claim. If they want to be part of the journey under Jackson then they need to show up.

It’d be good get past round one and if we could progress to round three then one can but pray for a decent draw that would see us pitted against good higher league opposition.

The Jackson revolution continues and if it carries on as it has started then it can’t be too long before Thomas sits down with Johnnie and Jason to get them signing new contracts.  

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  1. Thass juss wot I think n all. Ourn kept pressin n I liked ow ourn defended n all n there all up for it n playin n competin like a team. It would never ave appened ad Adkins stayed dahn our gaff but thass the past n the future is JJ n JE.