Monday, 22 November 2021

Doubting Thomas

Wow! What a fantastic day Saturday was. Aside from the nightmare I experienced getting from Euston to the Valley, it was truly superb! A few toothsome pints pre-match set up the tone for the day.

It was great to see The Valley so full and the atmosphere was right up there and probably the best since the play off semi.

I think that the season ticket offer resulted in more people with a greater affinity to Charlton in attendance than we usually get for a Football For A Fiver day for example. There’s was even a decent bit of noise from where I sit in the Alan Curbishley stand.

At half time I was fearful that we might regret not having scored the goals that our dominance deserved and that Plymouth would make us pay in the second half. Of course, that wasn’t to be the case and two great strikes from Purrington and Washington saw us gain all 3 points.

I could go on about how good all the players were and make no mistake, everyone had a good game but I feel I ought to focus on the owner.

His comments in the SLP interview are quite staggering. Sandgaard is either na├»ve or extremely foolish (that’s putting it politely!). New to football or not, as a successful businessman how do you explain what he said?

It was a masterclass in how to undermine and unsettle your manager. At the same time he managed to alert a number of clubs that Jacko might be available soon.

Go back to being assistant manager and Euell reverting to his previous role! Really!! What world in Sandgaard living in?

Clearly, he thinks JJ and Euell would accept that and in addition, that the new, “better” manager would want them as part of their management team. Imagine the tension that would create from day one!

Those two gentlemen are hot property at the moment and would be snapped up straight away.

All that aside, how unprofessional was Sandgaard in referencing someone who is currently in another role? Surely that piece of etiquette isn’t confined to football!!

What else does Jackson have to do to get the job? None of us in our wildest dreams could have expected the results and performances we’ve seen since Adkins left. Is Thomas that disappointed with the two points we “dropped” against Rotherham?

We’ve had injuries and suspensions to key players but yet the squad is still turning out great results and performances like Saturday’s.

Sandgaard has done so much good and continues to do so with the vast  majority of things right but my God does he need a decent CEO and the ear of someone who truly knows our club and its fans and can give him sound advice.

That person would at the very least tell him that fans don’t want to hear ATV after a great win. That’s twice now at least that the end of the game has been slightly spoilt by that. Why is no one telling him? Surely he’s not silly enough to surround himself with sycophants?

Delaying making Jacko permanent manager is hindering any planning and potential signings and contract extensions. Surely he can see that?

No one could have done better than Jacko’s done. He has united players and fans alike.

Does Sandgaard really believe that the Valley would have been so full if Adkins was still manager? The answer is an emphatic no of course.

What is Thomas waiting for? It seems like he’s waiting for Jackson to lose a game or two and for what purpose?

I know he’s been stung by a payoff of allegedly around £800k to Adkins but there’s no guarantee of success with whoever he appoints now. The difference for me is that everything suggest it’s less of a gamble with Jacko.

I seriously think Sandgaard would have fans up in arms if he doesn’t give Jacko the job. I would seriously question whether I’d want to go if he doesn’t, I feel that strongly about it.   

I am very concerned about this unnecessary delay. I sincerely hope this isn’t hand of Roddy looming large over proceedings. By now, Thomas should know better than to listen to him. I can just imagine Roddy advising him to follow his lead and get his son working for the club…………….

Anyway on to Morecombe and let’s hope that we can maintain the great run. Given the injuries and Stockley’s suspension it will be tough but if anyone can orchestrate a win it’s Jacko ably assisted by Euell. Let’s hope our Doubting Thomas can see the light!

Come On You Reds!



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  1. I think iss shockin ow Sandgaard is treatin JJ e should've ad the job by now no contest. If King Roland was still owner, there aint not doubt JJ would be gaffer now cos it was KR who appointed King Lee.
    Still I know wot I'll do if Sandgaard don't give JJ the role e deserves. I'll protest ahrtside our gaff. E as done a magic job dahn our gaff n with the players they all want JJ as gaffer so why can't Sandgaard see the obvious on ere.