Monday, 1 November 2021


What a day!

Real ale in Crossbars ( I’m not calling it the Fans Bar, that doesn’t sound right).

A terrific performance and result with four different scorers.

A silly Donny fan ejected ( eventually, after literally making an a**e of himself).

I was eagerly anticipating Jacko’s first home game in charge (albeit caretaker) knowing that I would see football that was so much better than we’d seen under Adkins this season.

Johnnie duly received the very warm welcome you’d expect before the match and was loudly cheered down the tunnel after.

Right from the off, it was clear that the players were up for it. I can’t think of one player who had a bad game.

Gilbey and Dobson were immense. It’s always been clear that Dobson’s best role is CDM and he capably stepped up to fill the vacancy left following Pratley’s departure. It obviously needed addressing and Jackson did just that by putting Dobson in there.

Lee was great and is delivering the kind of displays that one expected following his arrival.

Purrington was superb and really carried the attacking intent that has also been missing previously.

The early departure of Leko was a blow but DJ manfully came in and was another who turned in a good shift.

The drive and motivation in this side was summed up in the last 10 minutes. In the 80th minute two of our defenders chased down a ball to see it out even though there was no Donny player around.

In the 89th minute Stockley ran across like a man possessed to block a Donny defender playing the ball out of defence.

There were 4, yes 4 tunnel jumps at the end presumably one for each goal.

Such was the Addicks’ dominance that we could easily have doubled that 4-0 scoreline.

Jackson’s post-match comments were again spot on. He is right to mention that before the performances and not just the results were awful. Adkins used to refer to the results only and never acknowledged just how bad we were playing.

Nigel would refer to the 20 minutes or so where we played ok.

There will be tougher tests than Rovers of course but this was another encouraging display following that at the SOL the week before.

Following our win up there one Sunderland podcast claimed we had kicked them off the park and that’s not how you’d want your team to play. They would do well against Rotherham because they like to play the right way!

Oh dear! They won’t have enjoyed McGeady tackle for the second yellow then, never mind the result!

Onto Tuesday then and it’ll be interesting to see if Jackson decides to shuffle the pack against a strong Rotherham team. To date he hasn’t made any changes other than those that have been forced out of necessity due to injury.

I guess Matthews may come back in and I assume that Leko will be left due to his injury.

This should be a good game and should we win then we really are on the right track as Rotherham are bang in form. If we don’t, well with this side currently it won’t be for the won’t on trying.

Come On You Reds!

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  1. Thass juss wot I think, JJ is keepin it goin dahn our gaff n Dobson n all the players done really well. Pressin up the pitch n playin with confidence n thass ow there goin to play against Rotherham. Givin their all n thass all we can ask for on ere.