Monday 15 March 2021

The End Of An Era

 Really saddened to see Lee Bowyer leave the club. He can do so with his head held high.

He delivered us promotion and that fantastic day at Wembley and so nearly kept us in the Championship against all the odds. If he hadn’t been betrayed by those who refused to play on after the hiatus for the virus then clearly he would have succeeded in that regard.

Bowyer was almost a broken man at the end of last season. Made of strong stuff he came back at the start of this one and again performed miracles against the backdrop of the ongoing disastrous ownership now allied to a pandemic, great!

Bowyer showed incredible loyalty to us throughout his time as manager. Sadly, not all fans felt they it ought to be reciprocated.

As I’ve said for a while this is no season to judge any manager. How does one prepare for situations like this?

In Lee’s case so many players left after last season, we were under a transfer embargo and then had a salary cap thrown in to boot!

The club’s very existence was under threat too but hey ho, let’s not cut the man too much slack because we got a new owner and the expectation of instant success isn’t too much is it?

I won't forget everything he’s done and wish him well in the future.

As good a prospect as our club is for most managers I don’t expect us to attract the big name managers that some are touting around.

That aside I think we ought to give the job to Johnnie. He has great man management skills aside from a vast amount of experience mostly gained in this league and the one above.

Jackson is an intelligent man who always talks sense. He also loves the club; in fact he lives and breathes it.

Jacko has a great connection with the fans too of course. He’s a man who you’d be proud to have as our manager and is a fantastic role model.

I know some will say he lacks experience but he has been assistant for a long time now. That aside, he has greater experience than Nathan Jones did when he got the Luton job and Nathan's done pretty well.

Give it to Jacko!

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  1. Yeah I agree am a big fan of King Lee n all n didn't want im to leave our gaff. The Bowyerphobes n their ilk didn't elp n JJ got a good win against Rovers on Tuesday. Now we ave Adkins, aint so keen on is appt but least it aint Farage n e's from Birkenhead. But I wanted Johnnie to take over as gaffer n all. It aint right today.