Wednesday 17 March 2021


 If Johnnie gets the gig full time, then on first evidence things aren’t going to be dull!

Aside from starting with Chuks instead of Stockley, I couldn’t fault his starting eleven (assuming Purrington is injured?).

Quite why Aneke isn’t starting games still is a mystery. This is probably the most injury-free season he’s ever had and perversely, maybe the least he’s played!

Anyway, that’s probably being a bit too picky. Following the usual defensive howlers at home, we eventually settled into the game.

All credit to Shinnie for making something out of nothing to pull one back. A great piece of skill to create and score that.

JFC had clearly been listening to Steve Brown as to where to send his free kick. Again,  good technique to score that.

Rovers dominated the opening period and as has been observed, could easily have been 3 or 4 nil up.

Maatsen had no need to make the challenge he did that led to their penalty. He had no real chance to get the ball. The young man needs to learn and at the other end of the pitch too, where a couple of times he hindered Millar’s runs.

Until we see the Rovers second from behind the goal we’ll never truly know why Amos so spectacularly failed to deal with Upson’s shot. As they said on Valley Pass, it must have swerved an awful lot.

Having levelled things up before half-time even the most cynical of Charlton fans would have felt we would go on to win.

So it came to be of course, as we dominated the second period although one did wonder if we would get our reward for it.

Jacko just about got the subs right. Millar was fairly lacklustre and seemingly tiring and DJ immediately introduced more pace and had a pretty good cameo.

Chuks did what you’d expect him to and created havoc against a tiring Rovers defence. I think we can credit him and not the post, for the assist for Washington’s goal.

Connor has a great game and his tireless running and movement caused problems all night for the Gas.

Matches like last night’s aren’t good for my nerves but if this is a taste of what it’ll be like with Jacko in charge, then more please! 

At the end of the game I couldn't help but think of Ketts (Dr Kish) and how he'd have loved that Jacko was in charge and got a result like that. Johnnie was his favourite player and he'd have been proud and chuffed to witness that.

None of us knows Thomas’s thinking and just how prepared he’d be to take a chance on a rookie. I’d like to think that he’d give Johnnie serious consideration.

All managers have to start somewhere. He knows the staff, players, fans, the club and it’s history better than most. He’s spent almost his entire career in the 2nd and 3rd tiers.

Jackson is a man manager who can get the best out of players. He was never given to histrionics as a player and captain. He just led by example and quietly inspired others. I'm sure he'd been the same as manager.

Johnnie comes across as unassuming which is a good quality but I hope when he next talks to Thomas he states his credentials and expresses his desire to the job full time.

If I were Thomas I’d at least give him to season’s end. We’ve had a little insight into what we might expect and I’d like to see more!  

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  1. Yeah but we don't know if Johnnie even applied for it but iss strange ow Saandgard as given it to Adkins. I don't reckon there was an interview with any other candidates e was juss anded it on a plate which aint right. Least King Roland eld interviews when e was in charge but all we can ope is JJ stays on as assistant gaffer n thass all there is to it.