Thursday 18 March 2021

A Missed Opportunity

Nigel Adkins it is then. He was far from the top of my list but he’s here now and deserves a chance and full support. Let’s see how he goes. I’m quite happy to eat humble pie if he proves successful.

All that aside, I do feel we’ve missed an opportunity with Jacko. He has all the credentials and attributes to be a good manager and especially so at this level and at our club.

He’s widely respected at Charlton and beyond and he seemingly has a good relationship with everyone connected with the club.

Jacko’s career has been spent almost entirely at Championship and League One level. It is further reason why I think he’s qualified to do the job.

Some people believe he’s not ready yet. I believe he is and he has more experience than both Bowyer and Nathan Jones, who’ve done ok.

All that aside you never really know until you give someone a go.

It’s clearly good that Jacko’s staying at the club. It would have been criminal to lose him as well as Bowyer. My joy at that is tempered by the fact that he is ambitious and won’t want to be an assistant for too much longer.

It won’t be long before a club comes a calling and he goes. I’m sure we’d all love to see him manage Charlton.

Good luck to Adkins but will we live to regret not giving Johnnie a go now? Time will tell……..

1 comment:

  1. Yeah but JJ won't want to wait 2 years to gaffer. Like you said e should've ad the job after King Lee shockin that e left still aint got over it but e did stay when the goin was gettin tough. I aint impressed with Adkins n don't think iss goin to work ahrt with im in charge iss juss a feelin I've got on ere.