Sunday 10 December 2017

Party Poopers !

Charlton were celebrating 25 years back at The Valley whilst another bit of history and of a more recent nature concerns our ability to let everyone down on the big occasion.

I've entitled this piece party poopers and you can make you own mind up if that's relates to Pompey or our lads as set up by Robinson.

I said before the game that I couldn't understand why the manager had chosen to play KAG, Dijksteel and Aribo against Swansea when the match of greater importance was yesterday. These 3 players were surely going to be critical to any success that we might have. As I feared only one of them started and we lost.

When your team is not scoring many goals and even fewer from open play then surely you start with the one player that has scored 3 in 3. However, Robinson stuck with Magennis and as one suspected it was to be for the full 90 minutes.

Ultimately we ended up with KAG, Best and Magennis on the pitch as a desperate Robinson lost the plot. This is highlighted by KAG playing wide - not an area where he has enjoyed his success from.

Robinson had little time to discuss any supposed tactics with Bowyer and Robinson as he instead spent a lot of time and nearly all the second half moaning at the fourth official.

Added to all of the above Holmes poor run continues. He has really lost his way of late. He carries little threat at set pieces and his delivery from wide has been poor. 

Solly who for me lacks a lot as a captain came straight back into the team when I fail to see what Dijksteel had done to be dropped. Solly had a poor game as it happens and is not playing near his best.

There are so many areas of our performance yesterday that left a lot to be desired. It is a real cause for concern as this isn't a one off. The rest of the month doesn't see the games getting any easier and being turned over by a particularly mediocre but well organised Portsmouth side doesn't bode well.

It was particularly galling to have four thousand Pompey fans rubbing your noses in it. They were celebrating like it was their party and their inflated presence only served to spur on the players in blue.

People think we have a thin squad. Like Jackett I'd disagree as there many managers who love to have our squad. I'd wager they'd do a better job with it too.

Each passing game for me sees Robinson increasingly exposed. All the hallmarks of his tenure at MK are coming to the fore. Unlike some I'm not taken in by Robinson's soundbites and endless interviews.

He says what he thinks fans would like to hear frequently referring to passion, pride in the shirt etc. etc. We've heard it all before. 

He likes the gimmicks such as getting famous names in football to drop in or he'll name drop. I guess he thinks we'll be impressed. I, for one, am not. Neither am I impressed by his apparent desire to be mates with the players. Why else call players " Sols ", " Marshy ", " Reevesy " etc. Constant shades of David Brent except it's just not funny.

There has been some discussion as to the merits or otherwise of the players trip to Newcastle. That they allowed themselves to be videoed and have that put up on social media was a mistake as was the decision to travel in club gear.

One would like to think they might have chosen somewhere more local for one thing and another day for another. It wouldn't have hurt most of them to chat to the many former players that were present. They might have learned a thing or two and I am a bit surprised that there wasn't a 3 line whip on this if only to further support the celebrations.

Robinson has a hell of a job to do now as he needs to address a number of issues. Sadly, he seems devoid of ideas and insistent on doing the same thing however unsuccessful it is.

The more astute managers in this division know what to expect from us and how to combat it and this was no more clearly demonstrated than by Jackett yesterday.

At present December looks like being a long, dark and miserable month and the play offs looking increasingly unlikely. It's going take a lot to turn it around and I don't think our manager is up to the task.

For all our sakes let's hope I'm wrong !



  1. Truth hurts and yes sadly you are so correct

    1. We have to hope that Robinson can sort it but it'll take a massive shift from him to do so.

  2. Agree with everything you've said. But if you're leaning towards sacking Robbo. then i wouldn't agree. Ridiculous manager tenures of a few months has contributed mightily to our current player/style of play confusion.
    IF and it's a very big IF there is a takeover, then the new owners may want their own man. Until such time we should stick with Robbo.

    1. Daggs, I don't think sacking him helps either. Robinson needs a road to Damascus moment though and I'm not sure that's going to happen. Less of the over the top celebrations when we win and less hyperbole would help ! It probably needs Bowyer and / or Jackson having a word in his ear with a suggestion or two tactically. There's a good squad there albeit light in one area but it is still possible to achieve our goal of promotion. We need to change and be less rigid and predictable. Posh showed that you don't need a big bloke up front all the time or at least play two up front to feed off the other. We will see what unfolds.

  3. Totally agree,I think Robbo is a good manager,but I think he is showing to much loyalty to players who at this moment,are below their best.Josh,and Ricky should be rested before they burn out completely.But,we have lost our 3 best players,Kashi,Bfg,and Fosu,hopefully when they return things will improve.

    1. Raymond, it should get better when those 3 return. I don't think Robinson manages his resources very well and should have placed more confidence in other players rather than over playing those with injuries or slight knocks and he's paying the price. I'm not sure it's loyalty with Magennis rather than he only has one system.

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  5. Phil
    You're dead right KR has tunnel vision, or some spectrum disorder where he can't vary from "The One True Way" unless and until it's too late. All the affability and bluster is just so much smoke and mirrors - drowning not waving. Sounds like he's about to stick Kashi and Fosu back in the team risking their condition. JJ and Bowyer I'm sure are valuable with the players on the training ground but there is no evidence whatsoever that their real world playing experience is brought to bare on matches - surely they'll be advocating tweaks to the tactics during games and/or earlier personnel changes when it's glaringly obvious the wheels are coming off. Their experience on the pitch at a professional level dwarfs his to insignificance, he hasn't played regularly at any level since he was 19 FFS. Are they reluctant to speak up or does KR not listen/understand?
    I'm not advocating sacking the fat scouse chatterbox at this stage, turmoil is always counterproductive. With KR Charlton is unlikely to get much worse too quickly but it is very hard to see that the essential drastic improvement can come under his leadership, moderate midtable division 3 is his level.
    Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis

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    2. SCN, you’d like to think that Robinson would listen to his right hand men but as you suggest there’s little evidence of it. He will probably keep us ticking over ok but I feel it could be so much better.