Saturday 3 October 2015

Black Sabbath

You got no trains ! Do you want some ?

Not much to look forward on the Sabbath. It is, of course, traditionally a day of rest. Sadly for us Addicks that's what the lads have be doing on most other days of the week of late !

As I write I should be post-Wetherspoons and pre-match. However, Sky have dictated that this isn't the case and moved the game to tomorrow with a ludicrous noon kick off. With total disregard for the fans of both sides it is a day when there are no trains to Charlton. 

Still all that matters are the armchair fans and Sky TV itself as after all, they are the lifeblood of the game eh ?

I couldn't believe that some of our fans were moaning about not being on Sky and some went further and wrote to them about it. Well done if they were influenced by that because aside from tomorrow the kick off for the Ipswich game is also moved.

Football should be 3pm on a Saturday, end of ! It's what season ticket holders and the majority of other fans sign up for and expect. 

I might have a more favourable view of things if I could see any real evidence of the Sky money permeating its way down to the grass roots of the game. Sadly, all I see is players across the Prem and many football league clubs lining their pockets and driving nice cars with homes to match.

Good for them but not for the future of the game both at domestic and international level. The money available to clubs only serves to deliver the odious characters that we see week in, week out on our television screens.

I gave up hoping that the bubble might burst years ago and with every passing year it seems further away than ever. A return to the " good old days " when fans supported their local teams and could watch games at an appropriate time and price have gone for good I fear. 

You don't need to be overly perceptive to detect a downbeat mood from me ! It's not helped by our current run. I can readily acknowledge our bad run of injuries albeit that some of them are self-inflicted. The club still seem to be rushing players back too soon..........I'm sick of reading that so and so probably returned to the side too early !

We all knew our squad was paper-thin before a ball was kicked in anger but we lived in the hope of recruiting another decent centre-half and left sided midfield player. I appreciate the need to stick to a budget but the outlay would have be recouped in terms of points and money as improved results would inevitably bring more bums on seats.

One has to question the idea of sending Lennon out on loan and our apparent willingness to loan out Igor but not until he's regained fitness and confidence........a very different way of playing your way out of the team !

It all smacks of muddled thinking whilst money is more sensibly spent in other areas. Great for the long term future but please don't take your eye of the here and now !

Given all of the above I have a lot of sympathy for Luzon. He has managed to get the team playing some of the best football we've seen for some time. I don't think he's been backed at the right time. I'm sure none of us wants to see another managerial casualty, it's not the Charlton way or at least, it didn't used to be !

Other commitments prevent me from being at the game tomorrow although I'll be watching on tv. I can't see any reason for any optimism and even a point appeals. I hope I'm wrong of course.

Come On You Reds !

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