Sunday 22 March 2015

Royal Crumble

Reading, like their biscuit counterpart above, eventually crumbled

Another 3 goals from the Addicks yesterday with all of them coming in the second half. The late second goal from The Royals made it look closer than it was and we should have had four or five in truth.

Whilst not exactly in top gear I didn't think we were that poor in the first half and we played some nice neat football at time. The defence went to sleep for Reading's fist goal allowing Number 7 too much time and space in the box and he wasn't going to miss.

I guess the last minute reshuffle due to Solly's injury sustained in the warm up didn't help. Overall as seems the case of late the team coped manfully with the defensive realignment. Gomez who had obviously prepared for a centre-half role once again impressed at right back. He will be some player.

Luzon is clearly rather good at galvanizing the team at the break as the lads came out all guns blazing in the second half and produced some of the best football we've witnessed this season. The driving runs of Watt have really added to our attacking play. He was voted man of the match and like Jordan, his cellar must be getting packed with bottles of bubbly.

Tony duly received his final man of the match presentation in Crossbars where the screening of the rugby and £3 a real ale pint initiative seemed well received judging by a larger then usual post match turn out. 

Despite what Clarke said in post match interview it was a clear handball for our first and I see little evidence to support his claim that their defender was pushed, As ever Buyens dispatched the penalty. I believe that's his 7th goal from the spot and he never looks like missing. As I said last week I've never known us get so many pens in a season. As we are it's a good job Yoni is there to dispatch them.

The return of Henderson has been crucial in our good run. it's not just his ability as a keeper but his organisation of the defence. I noticed yesterday that after successfully defending a corner he ran out to speak to Watt presumably about where he needed to do a little better. This wasn't done in an unpleasant way and is good to see.

I've just read from Ketts on Doctor Kish that Yoni's yellow card yesterday means he'll miss the Millwall and Fulham games which is a real shame. I don't think he's been as bad as some make out. There have been lacklustre performance from him I won't deny but never that poor. Then again many folk wrote off Bulot.

On a similar note Eagles had a poor game yesterday but in my view he's not cut out for the striker role. He may do it better with a traditional target man but it wasn't working for him yesterday. 

I was pleased to see Church come and enjoy a goal scoring cameo. He could so easily have scored before he did with his thunderous shot well saved by the keeper. 

A break now until the Long Good Friday appointment with our friends down the road. Of course we always want to win but if we can add to their woes by denying them anything other than a win that'll do for me.

Hopefully we'll be back to full strength for that one. A team that sees Igor and Solly return and Diarra in for Buyens would do it for me.

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