Friday 13 March 2015

Albert Ross Signs On Loan

Ok, so no we haven’t signed a player called Albert Ross and yes, it is all nonsense with a ridiculous play on words that suggests we have a partner for Eagles whose name has similar golf connotations. If he did exist then he would of course play on either wing and love the music of Fleetwood Mac.
If I’m struggling for an opening paragraph then occasionally it doesn’t hurt to write some old rubbish. Sadly it tends to go on to permeate throughout the whole piece and today is no different !
A return to S.E.7 this Saturday for the Addicks – dare we hope for another 3 goal thriller and a points total to match ? Let’s hope so as I’m rather enjoying this recent run and aside from lifting collective spirits it hopefully convinces our better players that it might be worth lingering around “ our gaff “ ( that’s for the benefit of a regular reader but please don’t think I’m encouraging you ! ) a little longer.
Blackburn are still involved in the cup and no wonder as they overcame the biggest hurdle in beating us in the third round. However, I don’t expect them to be too distracted at present because the replay with Liverpool is not until 8th April.
In midweek Rovers managed a last minute goal to secure a win over Lancastrian rivals Bolton. That Jason Steele was man of the match tells you that it was a fought victory. 
Things have settled down of late for Blackburn following turbulent times with the Venkys and plethora of poor managerial appointments.
Gary Bowyer seems a level headed and calm manager and probably just what the doctored ordered as far as the Ewood Park outfit are concerned.
Rovers are in good form and will provide the toughest test since Derby. However, given our own recent good form the lads should be up for the challenge. One hopes that Henderson and TBH will return. Young Gomez will probably appreciate a rest and we have a midweek game coming up and squad rotation hasn’t harmed us at all of late.
The pilgrimage to the Valley has been so much more enjoyable of late and again I’m really looking to the game. Last time at home we acknowledged the wonderful Cousins. Hopefully we can so again on Saturday before acknowledging the wonderful mothers on Sunday.
Come On You Reds !

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  1. Your second para made me laugh out loud. No mean feat as I'm a miserable bugger. Thanks.