Thursday 11 December 2014

Tangerine Dream ?

How will we cope without him ?

A few weeks ago Saturday's game would have been a mere formality of a home win. However, our dip in form mainly due to a failure to take chances means this is far from the case.

I know Blackpool beat Birmingham last weekend but they remain something of a basket case with  Karl Oyston having seemingly found a kindred spirit in Lee Clark. That tells you a lot as clearly Karl wouldn't know a good manger if he saw one as his treatment of Jose Riga so aptly demonstrated.

The Blackpool squad is a mish mash of players many of whom are on loan. Sadly, Nile Ranger isn't one of them..................imagine that being the case and him playing up front with a young Spaniard called Tonto.  

Young Nile has had a chequered time on and off the pitch. Life is certainly not dull with him eh ?

Injuries will again affect us on Saturday at a time when we could do with all hands on deck as we face the busy Christmas period.

Henderson, Jackson and Wiggins will all be missing. Igor seems to be struggling along and we can ill afford to lose him at any time. One hope that a new striker will be bought but it seems there's more chance of someone buying that advertising slot on Charlton Live before that happens !

How will Bob shuffle the pack ? I'm sure Lawrie won't want to return to the left of midfield. One assumes that the returning Buyens will partner Coquelin in the centre with Cousins going back to the left.

Hopefully Harriott ( Sky commentators please note that's his name, he's not a bloody TV vet ! ) will again play in a forward position that appears to be bringing out his best and on a more consistent basis.

We desperately need to win if only ( I nearly said it'd wipe the smile of Clark's face but I don't think anyone's ever seen one ) to raise spirits ahead of the festive period. We're long overdue now especially at home.

I'm not sure where recent events have left Tucadean apart from a bit lower down on the pecking order. He may get more of a chance in the upcoming hectic schedule but any return of a rejuvenated Church might hinder that.

We don't go into many games believing that we ought to win, however, Saturday is one of those days when we should think so. This is Charlton though and we're bound to make hard work of it.

Here's to a home win, may it be convincing for a change and then we can all go home happy !

Come On You Reds !


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