Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Suffolk Punched !

One leg for each of the goals Ipswich scored this season and being a gelding the ratio of testicles to goals scored by us in proportion too !

Best we gloss over last night's Portman Road performance. In truth with the form we and they are in it was only to be expected. Whilst we have pulled a few away results out of the bag such Norwich and Reading it's at home where our failure to hold onto leads or to see out draws that our problems lie.

Bob's earlier glossy sheen is starting to look a little tarnished even accepting a paper thin squad. He needs to make better use of what he does have available.

In respect of some players he's in danger of repeating some of Curbs early errors in remaining too loyal to some underperforming players or those simply lacking in confidence. 

He also should ensure that the best players for each position play there when fit and available. The experiment of Solly in midfield for example was a flawed one.

I'm sure we'd all like to see some new faces in January but only if they are adding value to the squad. Given Roly's intentions of running a tight ship this doesn't seem likely..........we can but hope.

Goodness knows what 2015 hold for the Addicks. For the UK there is a general election looming large on the horizon. As things stand at the moment I'd not be surprised to see a repeat of 1974 with two election in the same year.

The rise of the SNP since the independence debate suggests that Labour will lose many seats to them. Similarly, UKIP appear as though they will take several Tory seats, a few Lib Dems and the odd Labour one too.

A minority Government is a very real prospect. It's not hard to envisage the Lib Dems losing votes all over and they are unlikely to be able to offer the prospect of power to either Tory or Labour in the same way they did in 2010.

None of the parties has much going for them such is the way politics has become so diluted and it's the age of the sound bite rather than conviction politics. Clearly the NHS, immigration and the deficit will be the main focus but no party seems clear on any of it or can be totally trusted in my view. Voter apathy might reach new levels especially if my view is typical !

Hopefully the apathy will be restricted to politics and not spread to The Valley. We need new players, a more positive approach and to return to the early season football that we witnessed in August and September.

Thanks as always to the good folk at Doctor Kish especially Ketts. Thank you to fellow bloggers who do a far better job than me in writing about our splendid club. Thanks to those that comment ( even those lovely Bolton fans ! ). Thank you if you read this occasional nonsense.

May all of you have a fantastic evening and I wish everyone a wonderful 2015 !

Come On You Reds !