Sunday 14 December 2014

Doing A Bikey

( v ) to hit row Z in the last minute with the goal at your mercy

Yes, another entry for Footypedia and beautifully demonstrated from 10 yards by Andre yesterday. Clearly Bob has learned from his digging out our other central defender the other week as he appears to be keeping his own counsel on this one.

It was an awful miss yes but the blame for this draw lays across a number of people. Pope had a hand ( or perhaps not ! ) in both goals. A weak punch for the first and for the second he should have come and got the ball, the striker and the kitchen sink ! In the end of course, he did none of those things and ended up trying to chest it away. Oh dear !

May be young Nick needs to grow a beard, that seems to becoming increasingly popular with a number of the top stoppers. A Brian Blessed bushy beast of a beard would be good especially if accompanied by a loud bellowing noise that is associated with the aforementioned thespian.

The starting eleven wasn't one that most would have predicted. I spent some while trying to work out who was playing where and that wasn't made any clearer when play began. I believe Solly was in midfield but exactly where didn't become a lot clearer over the ensuing 90 plus minutes.

Gomez had a reasonable game but I can't see the point in moving your first choice right back especially with his left sided counterpart already missing. In addition, we were missing our first choice central pairing. Almost to a man I reckon Charlton fans would have opted for Buyens and Cousins in centre mid.

I also can't see why Gudmundsson couldn't play on the left allowing for more options of someone playing on the right, Wilson not least amongst them.

Sadly, having taken the lead we rather predictably sat back failing to press on and really going for it. There were options, Bulot or Harriott could have gone over to the left for example. I was astonished when Harriott went off as despite not having a great game, his pace always offers a threat.

Last minute goals such as yesterday and the Ipswich game are bad enough. They are made an awful lot worse against teams like Blackpool who weren't very good. It was clear that set pieces offered their best chance of a goal and we duly obliged, twice.

The tackle by TBH was unnecessary and it was a foul. He went through their player from behind and I'm sorry but you've not been able to do that for years, even if you do win the ball.

At a time when we're approaching the busy Christmas / New Year schedule things don't look great. We are thin on the ground in a number of areas now ( not just up front ) and the loan market isn't available to us until January. Whether we go and buy anyone in the next transfer window remains to seen. 

Maybe the transfer window will have a message behind it that you get with a Jehovah's Witness Advent Calendar ! Let's hope not or we may have another potential entry for Footypedia !

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