Thursday 19 September 2013

You're Having A Laugh !

Indeed we were with Jack Dee in Northampton.

I do like a good laugh, it helps to relieve the stress of watching The Addicks and wondering where the next point will come from !

Last night I went to see Jack Dee, a comedian who I’ve be wanting to see for some time. Next in the pipeline is Lee Mack in November……2014 ! At my age it’s risky me booking tickets that far in advance so it’s a bit of a punt.

Jack is notoriously grumpy and plays up to this very well. He told us of his 4 children ( the youngest is 14 ) and makes reference to their teenage years and much of his excellent sit-com Lead Balloon isn’t that far from the reality of his own household you’d imagine.

This lead nicely on to references to the teenage Jesus of whom, as Jack correctly observes, there is little mention in the bible.

He naturally found plenty to moan about but found a positive on the subject of his son being stuck in the bedroom playing Grand Theft Auto online via the internet with his mates, as he neatly observes to his wife “ leave him alone, his playing with his mates and the bastards aren’t in our house ! “

Being of a not totally dissimilar age to Jack I can relate to his grumpiness as one finds oneself increasingly grumpy especially with Charlton doing little to improve that situation !

I think I’ll need to fill the comedy void that now exists until Lee Mack so will have to check the listings. I’ve seen Michael McIntyre, Tim Vine, Milton Jones, Steve Hughes ( very underrated in my view ), Stewart Francis, Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard, Sean Lock, Frankie Boyle and Gary Delaney to name but a few.  

If anyone has any suggestions of someone especially an up and coming comedian then they’d be most welcome.


  1. Jim Davidson !!! - that will really p**S you off.

  2. Stewart Lee and if you're not easily offended Jerry Sadowitz!

  3. Anon 1 - I might pass on that ! Anon 2 - thanks good shouts. Jerry is one I really want to see and had forgotten about and Stewart Lee a mate of mine saw recently and I think I need to see also. Cheers !

  4. I really like Danny Bhoy.
    Saw him doing a warm up for one of his tours at the Hob, Forest Hill.
    Very clever.

    In the early 90's we saw one of Jack Dee's first big shows, at what was Hammersmith Odeon.
    He was supported by the then nearly unknown Lee Evans.
    Quite a difference between the two styles. Evans left the stage drenched.

  5. Thanks Marco I'll check him out. Funnily enough the friends we were out with last night were speaking about Lee, he sweats buckets doesn't he but no surprise when you consider his style as you refer too ! A definite contrast to Mr Dee as you say !