Sunday 22 September 2013

That's Life !

I've really no idea what prompted today's headline.......

Has anyone got any funny shaped vegetables ( not wearing a red shirt please... ) that they can show me ? I could do with a laugh !

As many others have said I can take a defeat against a side that has played well where we have given our all and played with passion, heart and desire. Sadly that was missing from nearly every player in a Charlton shirt yesterday. 

What was it Yann said recently in response to a remark that the fans do not expect to win every game....." but they do expect effort ! ". Exactly and all that and more were missing yesterday.

I can't recall in recent times a worse Millwall side than that which pitched up at The Valley yesterday. They were marginally less bad than us ( I've omitted a four letter word there ).

It's pointless talking up the game before hand and how much each player appreciates the history and significance of it to the fans if when you set foot on the pitch you serve up a pathetic performance almost beyond compare.

Sometimes in victory it's not fair to single any one person our for praise, in this defeat it's hard not to lay the blame on just about every player.

However Sir Chris set us up to play I can't believe that it was to hoof ( see picture above ) it up field all afternoon. Even if it were I'd like to think the players have sufficient footballing nous to appreciate that the Lions defence was mopping it up all afternoon and a change of approach was needed.

We needed to go at Millwall from the off and so the omission of either or indeed both of Stewart and Harriot ( especially in the light of Yann's ongoing injury ) was criminal. That they didn't come on at half time leaves me speechless. If one or both of those doesn't start next Saturday I've no idea what we're doing.

Our striking options aren't great right now. It was too much to throw young Joe into this game for his full league debut and it speaks volumes about Sordell's performances and confidence that Joe got the nod over him. We could do with loan signing of a striker ( one from Man Utd would seem to be ideal judging from elsewhere in the Championship yesterday ! ) but I'd love Obika to come back but Brighton will probably prove more attractive.

Next up is Burnley who are proving the early surprise package and currently lie 2nd in the table. At present you'd say we've not a prayer but if eleven or so of their players get injured against Forest in the league cup on Tuesday...........

If our boys can't get themselves up for Millwall at home then things are very bleak indeed. I guess we've got to be philosophical and accept that it's all part of the rollercoaster ride that is Charlton Athletic. I hope we're heading back up soon !

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