Sunday, 15 September 2013

Buon Punto Ben Fatto !

Watford Library - quiet with lots of loans.

The vast majority of us would have settled for a point before kick off so that we're perhaps a little disappointed not to come away with all three indicates how expectations were exceeded.

I wasn't there yesterday which is somewhat crazy given it's my closest league fixture but finances and other commitments played their part.

The 3-5-2 continues to serves us well and especially suits Wilson and Wiggins although one wonders where this leaves Chris Solly. When it's working so well it's hard to make a case for changing personnel no matter how good they may be. Sir Chris may justify any change as a result of 3 games in a week.

Indeed, it was Wilson who won the penalty that Yann so wonderfully converted. I hope Foxes fans took notice of that ! 

Our next road trip is to Huddersfield and the John Smith Stadium. Never the most enticing away fixture made even less so following our recent league cup match there. However, that was the game that saw the emergence of the current formation. if we can defend better than we did last time there and match the spirit of the last two league games then we can come away with more than the one point. 

I see the Lions warmed up for next Saturday and I don't mean on the pitch ! Hopefully Lomas will still be in place come next Saturday and it should be a good time to play them but we all know how it goes usually ! In the meantime we can amuse ourselves by trying to guess what the attendance will be at The Den on Tuesday. 

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