Thursday 28 February 2013

Last Saturday ? Forgotten All About it !

" Get back you bastard, I'll break your legs ! "

It'll be a case of beauty and the beast on the touchline on Saturday as Sir Chris meets Sean Dyche. Sean has the appearance of a man who'd happily punch if you so much as look at him....all those years at Millwall I guess.

So Burnley come a calling and I've read ( on Wikipedia so it must be true ) that the club colours of claret and blue were adopted in 1910 in tribute to the dominant club of English football Aston Villa in the same way as Man Utd adopted red and white in tribute to us.

Burnley are on a bad run and lost to a poor Huddersfield team on Tuesday evening. Sean was angry after that one, glad I wasn't there to see that ! Mr Dyche has offered to make wholesale changes in an attempt to reverse the club's away is probably ideal for them then !

Jamaican Dane Richards made his league debut as he replaced Dean Marney on 15 minutes in midweek only to produce such a poor display that he was himself replaced on the hour mark.......oh dear ! Shades of Carlton Cole on the final day a few years ago against Sunderland unless I'm mistaken.

Charlie Austin poses a real goal threat and is the second highest scorer in the league. Hopefully he won't get into gear and he'll himself in a footballing cul-de-sac.

The Clarets go from Turf Moor to turf poor and it to be hoped that our pitch is in better fettle than it has been of late. The same of course could be said of our home form, we desperately need an uplifting display as it's been very disappointing fayre this season at the Valley. So much so in fact that even I'm going to Peterborough on Tuesday evening in an attempt to see what the fuss is all about !

I wish I could tell you what the team and formation will be on Saturday but hell, only Sir Chris knows that and it's foolish to try and second guess him after we witnessed Wagstaff up front last time out.

Last weekend I hoped for a great game with two sets of player playing some quality football. In the end of course it was awful and the weather was sh...... not great ! 

Therefore, I anticipate a dire ( Alex ? ) game from two teams that are in terrible form and played in really low temperatures with driving rain. There, that should do it !

Come On You Reds !

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