Wednesday 20 February 2013

A Tail of Two Cities

Yann and Danny go to Leicester.........Boom ! Boom !

At least Basil's one fox who's still smiling. The Fox's tail got tweaked last night as we gave them the brush off ! Good idea to give Yann almighty stick, remember how it served Leicester so well last time at the Valley ! On some of their forums their fans were even grudgingly forced to admit that he might not be too bad a player.

Few saw that result coming and after the criticism that Sir Chris has had from me and many others regarding subs, I'm pleased to say he got it spot on last night. After Leicester pulled level the decision to put Haynes on was positive and brought an instant return.

Moreover, Sir Chris got the set up of the team spot on as he reverted to the 4-5-1 that has served us so well away this season. Clearly our formation against the other City, Hull wasn't so successful and the great man gave some thought to that and also the personnel.

All credit then to the management team and the players for what is seemingly a wonderful performance and response to end the recent poor run that we've been in. As has been highlighted elsewhere our consistency or lack of it has been our downfall this term. The late goals have been an issue of course and even the most positive Addick would have been fearing another one of those as we entered the closing stages. However, it was not to be.

I understand that Sir Chris received a round of applause from the Leicester fans after the game to show that they're not totally blinkered and do at least recognise a decent manager ( and human being ).

We can now look forward to Saturday even more. I assume that Mr Powell will revert to 4-4-2 as we seek a rare Saturday home win. I assume Forest will look to play attacking football and hopes are high for a good game with some nice football.

In the meantime let's bask in the glory of a double over a good Leicester side. Mr Dickens couldn't have scripted a latter-day version of his classic novel better himself with Yann and Danny representing the cities of Paris and London.

C'est magnifique !     

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  1. After popping six goals last night, your assumption that Forest will play attacking football is probably safe.