Sunday 10 February 2013

Deja Vu All Over Again

Marlon King is used to having his activities being restricted by a court, yesterday was no different.

So, Lee Clark thinks Birmingham deserved a draw yesterday and King thinks he's a striker. Yeah right......

Charlton so outplayed a very poor Blues side that over some 24 hours later it's hard to believe we didn't only win but also by some emphatic scoreline. That we didn't was down to poor finishing and the now traditional conceding of a late goal.

When Yann nodded home I couldn't really see how even the Addicks could bugger this one up but yet...! Sir Chris had done pretty much all things right but one might question the use of the subs again. Green for Wilson was spot on as Lawrie was struggling to find a decent touch or cross, seemingly having lost his way. However, having managed to restrict Birmingham to anything remotely approaching a clear cut chance all afternoon the late midfield change seemed to do for us. Dervite came on and issued fresh instructions to a defence which for nearly 90 minutes had done its job perfectly. I can't say it was the reason for their goal but the change appeared to do little to help seeming only to confuse. 

That confusion extended to a fellow Charlton fan I met in a local ale house later on...
Fellow fan, " I don't know why Powell brought on Devito ! "
Me " His name's Dorian not Danny ! "  

BWP on for Fuller seemed sensible as fresh legs up front made eminent sense. Ricardo had a rather splendid afternoon and showed why he is easily the best striker we have. His touch, craft, guile and ability to ghost past defenders is something else. I only wish we'd got him all those years ago when he was on trial from Tivoli Gardens.   

I can't really fault anyone's performance, the defence was excellent with Evina having a superb game. I was glad Chris stayed loyal to him resisting the temptation to put Wiggins in. The midfield did their job although an out and out attacking winger able to deliver a decent cross is something we lack still. Yann and Riccy were great up front.

Someone whose performance can be and was roundly criticised is Andy D'Urso what a useless t**t ! I really couldn't decide if he set out to deliberately make an a**e of himself. It was a most inept display. I hope we never see him again.

All week the talk was of needing to see out games and again we shot ourselves in the foot. The number of points we've thrown away at home is incredible. We need to secure our place in this league as soon as possible, not just to calm nerves but to hopefully see Sir Chris blood some of our youngsters.  

Yann was clearly gutted at the end and might still be on the pitch now if it weren't for Hamer coming over to console him at the end and lead him off. 

On a more positive day was brightened by the return of The Voice. Even in this day of Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc there'll always be a place for fanzines especially if they're of the quality of VOTV. I still have my collection of old editions including the short lived A4 sized ones. Welcome back old friend !


  1. Well written there

  2. I was one who criticised Powell for his failure to use subs. in the previous two home defeats. Yet like you, i feel it was making the subs. on Saturday that removed the flow from OUR game not Brum's.