Wednesday 15 August 2012

Lawrie Versus Life

" Not a bad game for Lawrie last night Terry "
" Yes Colin but he won't be happy with that penalty, as ever, he was hoping to hit the back of the net "

Things didn't go according to plan yesterday in S.E. 7. My much awaited trip on the cable car had to be postponed as my eldest lad decided to drive. Never mind, another day for that. We did pop down to Greenwich instead and had a pleasant time wandering around there.

Of course, not beating Orient was not part of the plan for anyone connected with the Addicks. I thought for a largely second string we played some neat, tidy football for the most part. We dominated the first half with few chances for the O's as far as I can recall.

The second half saw Orient have more of the game and I guess a draw at full and extra time was about right. Penalties remain the lottery they've always been, however, Orient did take theirs much better than we did. Fair play to them.

I was disappointed that Sir Chris didn't send on some subs earlier. Smith for example could have been helped by the addition of Wright-Phillips inside the ninety instead of being replaced by him well into extra time. Smith had a good game I felt and show some nice touches and flicks.

I was impressed with new boys Kerkar and Cook. Kerkar has time on the ball, uses it well and last night played some lovely passes. Cook showed good skill and attacking intent. I was not so impressed with Wilson ( pictured below ). Lawrie was adequate but no more than that I'd say. No blame attached to him for the penalty even the Orient fans were giving Tom Daley gestures upon its award.

Sad to see Sir Chris losing his bottle and getting sent to the stand but I think we all shared his frustration at an inept referee who amongst other things hasn't heard of playing advantage let alone recognising a bad challenge ! 

Disappointing to go out as I would have hope for a big draw at home in the next round. The only plus side is that we now won't get an extra game to play midweek sometime.

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