Tuesday 14 August 2012

It's A Funny Old Game

Primate Goalie offers advice........P.G. Tips

Here we go again then...........the new season is upon us, so soon, already !

The Olympics have just finished, summer has hardly started, there's a test match still to play and the League Cup campaign starts ahead of the league programme.....it just don't make no sense !

I'm just past the half way point of the well deserved 6 week summer break that those of us in the teaching profession are rewarded with. To date I've been on a cricket tour of North Devon, watched Team GB's women football team beat Brazil's at Wembley, visited Canterbury ( the home of cricket ) to see my beloved Kent CCC and not moved much from the sofa in between in order to catch the best of the Olympics....it's been great !

What to make of the goings on in S.E. 7 then between season end and now ? To be honest I've no idea and I sure I'm not alone. No point in fretting about things, this is Charlton and after all, nothing ever runs smooth with us does it ? 

We can be sure that before August is out there'll be a few comings and goings in terms of players and possibly in the boardroom too eh ! In my opinion we still need the striker, midfielder and central defender of decent pedigree that most of us wished for at the end of last season........let's hope.

Onto tomorrow's London derby then. I'm pleased we've drawn Orient, I quite like them although we'll have to suffer a Hearnia. Ex-players Lisbie and Mooney will make a Valley return. Last time out Mooney had a point to prove having been deemed to be surplus to requirements in S.E. 7 and he duly did so, he was as bad as we thought and remembered. It's always good to see " Young Kevin " though and as I've observed before, he's a player we let go far too early.

We really ought to win this one and a tidy draw in the next round would be most welcome. It's difficult to call the team given that Sir Chris will need to balance the need for a competitive side against the demands of Saturday's game versus Brum. I trust we'll get to see Kerkar and Cook at least, I like what I've heard about both to date. 

I'm early down to the Metropolis tomorrow and intend to take a trip on the cable car thingy........perhaps we can re-enact Where Eagles Dare ? If so, I hope it's Mooney doing the shooting.

Following all that shananigans I'm hoping to partake of a couple of fine ales and a bite to eat ahead of kick off.

It'll be good to be back in the old routine and let's hope the lads can get a win and send us all home happy !    


  1. It was good to see Kent win last night Phil, although I got a bit doom laden when Stevo was out, my son was confident. don't want to prejudice matters, but the semi is 1 Sep, and the final 15 Sep....

    You might meet "Jaws" on the cablke car thingy..

    Pembury Addick

  2. PA, sadly a change of plan meant I didn't make the cable car. Yes another good CB40 win for the lads. I'm going to the game at Northampton on Sunday ( weather permitting ), one we really ought to win.
    Young Billings scored 180 for the 2nds yesterday I understand. He must be pushing for a 4 day place.