Sunday 19 August 2012

Edward Woodward is tardy on 30th November.....

late equaliser at St Andrew's.......

Given that Lee Clark is now Brum's manger I guess we should have put our mortgages on it being a draw. Despite being denied at the death I see this, like Sir Chris, as an encouraging performance. I think we'd all have taken a draw before kick off and that we're disappointed not to secure all three points speaks volumes.

Having read the reports of those who went it appears that the lads acquitted themselves very well. That is backed up by the stats on the BBC website that indicate that we dominated in the important areas. I hope we can trust them as it would lead you to believe that Green wasn't on bench following a bizarre decision by Sir Chris to name only 6 subs !

The lads should take some confidence by going to a place where the atmosphere is hostile with the home fans really up for it at the start of a new campaign where they are one of the favourites for promotion.

It sounds as though Stephens had a good game and let's hope that his can maintain that form this season. If so, he will be a crucial player in the months ahead.

I'm not sure if Sir Chris will keep the same side at home on Tuesday. If so, then he'll be resembling a latterday Alf Ramsey with his wingless wonders. I'd like to see us play with at least one genuine winger and nothing against the present midfield quartet, I hope we do so soon.

Tuesday see us face another tough game at home to Leicester. It should be a cracker. I suspect that we have at least one player who'll be up for it with a point to prove to an unforgiving and somewhat blinkered set of fans. 

Elsewhere, interesting to see how that nice Mr Pardew has embraced the spirit of the Olympics by shoving the fourth official because he didn't a throw-in. I saw it on the telly and I couldn't be sure if the whole of the ball had crossed the line not that it matters. I recall Di Canio getting heavily punished for a lesser push on an official, I hope that the despicable Pardew is treated the same way. 

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