Wednesday 7 March 2012

Reversal Of Fortune

All change from Saturday

It was role reversal for the Addicks on Tuesday on a night when all luck of the good variety deserted them. We had a degree of that on Saturday when securing the 3 points on the south coast.

To compound a disappointing evening I seemed to encounter more than my fair share of motorway roadworks and accompanying cones on return to ANEM towers. I eventually got home at midnight having also survived a close encounter with a coach apparently being driven by some old boy with all the vision of the recent east stand lino. He nearly wiped me out but seemed oblivious to it.

I remarked after the Bournemouth game that we had defended well and that the Cherries had failed to take their chances and so it was with Colchester and us last night. We were very wasteful in front of goal, none more so than BWP who should have been subbed for Haynes on 60 minutes at least. It was quite clear it wasn't going to be our night and even less so BWP's.

On the hour mark Russell should also have come on for the largely ineffective Stephens. In fact, Haynes and Russell should have started. Sir Chris is too reluctant to make changes at times and his lateness in making what are fairly obvious changes is something of an achilles heel not to mention very frustrating.

Stephens hasn't been at his best of late and doesn't seem to play well consistently. In addition, last night's more physical challenge called for the input of Russell. Likewise, Haynes is fresher, a tad sharper and dare I say it, more likely to score than BWP at present. 

Ironically it was probably the best we've played for a while and all the stats, bar the most important one, bear testament to that. We dominated the game. The early goal, which one of some quality, allowed Colchester to set our their stall for the remainder of the game. The time-wasting, feigning injury etc was only to be expected. Of course the ref should have dealt with that and the cynical fouling but at the end of the day we shouldn't and wouldn't have lost had we converted our chances.

The second goal was pure farce and hopefully Hamer will get his act together and get rid a bit quicker in future. 

I thought at one stage that the imperious Solly was going to drag us back into the game single-handedly. One recalls a fine driving run and sumptuous pass to Skip on the edge of the area. Sadly, Jackson hit the wrong side of the bar with a thunderous drive.

I spent several moments in the first half playing spot the ballboy. Someone without telling me took that to a harder level as upon commencement of the second as it appeared they must have been in the warm enjoying a leisurely cola as their keeper wandered slowly over to the corner to retrieve the ball for a goal kick.

Fortunately, someone in the backroom staff realised something needed to be done and a gentleman came down and organised the lads into better positions with a word in their shell-like to move with greater alacrity should the ball go out of play. Sadly the same advice wasn't given to some of the boys on the pitch.

This was a rare game where Yann got little change out of the oppo, mind you neither did anyone else and yet we continued with an aerial route for most of the game. It was crying out for us to keep the ball on the floor but that message, like most of our attacks, wasn't getting through

In this record breaking season it is a shame that we won't end up unbeaten at home in the league and that would have been a truly remarkable achievement. Along with that went the stat that we had scored in all home league games. 

Hey ho ! One can't really complain given what's been achieved this season and if we give Notts County a good stuffing on Saturday it'll quickly be overlooked.

Onwards and upwards. Another game Saturday and one that'll present a different type of challenge, however, as always it's one that we're more than capable of overcoming.

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