Saturday, 12 February 2011

PC Problems Let's Hope There Are No CP Problems !

Problems with my PC mean no photo in today's blogette and as you know that's usually the only reason to look at it. I have to get my mate who knows about these things to restore my PC to full health. Always a pain when this happens I've so much stuff on files that I need, a lot of it lesson planning for school.........hey ho !

Today we take on a rejuvenated Peterborough not that they were necessarily on a slide. Think they were 7th when they sacked the previous manager. Anyway Ferguson junior is back at the helm at the one club he can seemingly do no wrong at. Not sure if that's the case for all managers but if it is then Pardew must live in the hope he can find such a club before he retires. Got off the hook last week didn't he..........aided by some distinctly dodgy refereeing decisions.

One would have though that 0-0 is the most unlikely scoreline today but it might just be worth a punt. My brother religiously had a put on Rufus to score and of course that particular boat eventually came in so who knows eh ?

We'll see if my belief that Sir Chris has got the defence better organised as a unit is correct or not. I don't think we can truly feel comfortable today as even as 2 or 3 nil up you know Posh are capable of coming back at you. I'm hoping that Bessone is back in the side nothing against Fry who I was delighted to see back with us again albeit only for a few more weeks at present. I like the thought that Fry may be used more as a central defender, he'll do a good job for us there I'm sure.

I thought Bessone offered something going forward. If Reid works on the defensive side of his game then that allied to a move inside for Jackson would add something to our team I think.

I know some folk don't rate Racon but I think he gets a hard time from some. He works hard and does play some quality passes at times. I much prefer him to McCormack.

Hard to see past Joe and BWP starting up front. I'd really like to see Ecclestone get a good run out today and partnering one of those two. I'll be happy if Benson's backside doesn't leave the bench today. As ever opinion is divided on him but he needs to do some stregthening work and man up as he's too easily knocked off the ball in a very physical league.

As ever it remains tight at the top and it won't get any clearer after today's games. That'll be the case until all those outstanding matches are played and for all sides, not just us. I expect that it'll go down to the wire for the play-offs places. I still can't see past Brighton and the Saints for the automatic spots.

Let's hope we get the result today.........another 1-0 with a huge slice of luck will do me just fine !

Come On You Reds ! 

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