Friday 15 September 2023

Stevenage Away

Following a week off for our, ahem, “international break” it’s back to league action for the Addicks.

Away to a Stevenage side managed by the odious Evans is a stark reminder of where we find ourselves. That they are top of the league even more galling.

Somehow, Evans seems to have reasonable success that belies his coach driver appearance and obnoxious behaviour.

He was linked with us recently but thankfully he and Johnson didn’t get the gig and I am happier with Appleton. That probably speaks volumes about those three!

Speaking of the new gaffer, All we can do is get behind him. Hostile chants and  calling out and slating him can only have a negative effect on the team. As fans we’ve been pretty good even in the most toxic of circumstances in getting behind the lads whilst not necessarily referring to the manager.

One of the key things tomorrow are for a more assured defensive display. That shouldn’t be difficult and I hope that Jones and Abankwah are paired together. Clearly, I’ve not seen James play but I’m not sure anyone else merits a start tbh.

At the other end of the pitch we need to carry more threat and that means putting one of Leaburn, Kanu or Tedic alongside May. Forget all this number 10 nonsense (we’re not a Prem side for goodness sake!). We’ve done best when May has a proper strike partner.

My expectations for this season are now set at hopefully avoiding relegation and maybe a top ten finish. However, the time for talking is over.

I don’t want to hear any more of the losing stops now or whatever Scott said recently. I don’t want to hear “ the lads have trained well/hard etc.” that should be a given for goodness sake!

Appleton has more resources available than Holden did and one feels for Dean as he didn’t get the opportunity to work with a slightly better squad. I appreciate the issues surrounding tactics but he might have had better luck with the squad as it is now.

As ever we have our long term injuries such as Fraser and Camara. Both seemed to pick up the most innocuous of knocks. it seems to be the way in recent years. No injured player ever appears to return in less than month at least!

The team needs to go out and play like they care and give at least a bit back to the club and its fans. If they can’t be up for playing the top of the league then we might as well give up!!

Let’s hope for a win and it can be dedicated to Chris Thompson (Ketts) as it is the 3rd anniversary of his passing today. He is greatly missed.

Come On You Reds!


Come On You Reds!


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  1. Least ourn got a draw so good start for mikey. Stevenage was table toppers before the game n ourn came more into it 2nd arf.