Monday 18 September 2023

Stevenage 1 Charlton 1

In the end, we have to be happy with a point all things considered.

It was another case of an awful first half and better second. The first 25 minutes or so was some of the worst football (from both sides) that I've ever seen. The ball seemed to be in the air more often than in what appeared to be a prolonged game of head tennis! It was horrible to watch.

Clearly, Stevenage are a physical side which was no surprise and you'd fully expect that from someone as uncultured as their manager. He knows no other way of setting out the style of play. 

We should have got the ball on the floor more and look to pass and move the ball quicker and better. To be fair, we weren't helped by incompetent officials. The ref ought to have dished out a couple of yellows early on to two of the Boro boys.

Between them, the officials missed a flailing arm on, I think, Abankwah. Those are just a few of the things they missed or just decided to take no action on.

I felt before hand that we should have started with two up front. We needed more physical presence there and the ball either never got there or didn't stay long when it did!

Their goal was another mess of our own making. Jones committed the wrong and I have no idea what Isted was doing. He really shouldn't be beaten from there but if all you're going to do is waft a leg at the ball then that's what will happen.

The second half from us was better but how could it not be! The penalty finally arrived in time added on (better late than never). It was the least probable of all the shouts we had in the afternoon. CBT dispatched it in some style.

Of course the National Express employee blamed it on the ref as a poor decision that cost them the game. He also referenced our £10m budget and 30 odd player squad. Ok whatever you say. Carry on with the ale house tactics and do your best. Appropriately, we'll see you in SE7 on 1st April!

The fact that we had one shot on target (the penalty) really ought to be sufficient for the manager to acknowledge that two up top really is the best option even if one of them is May. At least his absence delayed the inevitable suspension for one further week.

It was good to see Chuks back. A welcome surprise and he had long enough to remind us of what we've been missing for so long.

When fit he is a real asset to us and threat to the oppo. When he is fit he will be limited to appearances from the bench but that's ok. Somehow though you doubt he will stay injury free for long. I do so hope that's not the case.

We have another week with no midweek game so there's a full week to prepare for Wycombe. Wanderers are bang in form having taken 13 points from the last 5 league games. Therefore, it will provide a good test and benchmark as to where we are and to discover how much desire there is in this side.


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