Friday 2 December 2022

We Need A Win

Tonight, the Addicks return to League action after another spell of cup fever. We went out of one and scrapped a draw in the other.

Saturday’s lacklustre display against Stockport doesn’t really raise thoughts of a win tonight. The continued absence of Stockley doesn’t help either. As poorly as he’s been playing we can ill afford to not have him in the starting eleven.

He needs an experienced strike partner as does Aneke. Chuks last just over 60 minutes on Saturday but failed to make the impact he does when he comes off the bench.

The last equaliser was a real kick in the teeth. Having travelled down by coach I left early to ensure I got across to Victoria on time for the return journey. It was some time after the final whistle before I checked and discovered that we’d not won. Foolishly, I felt that we’d see the game out…….after all these years I really ought to know better.

If anything summed up how things are it was the free kick in the second half that just outside the box. No one knew who was taking it with others lost as to where they should be. That had to get direction from Garner. Oh dear!

I can’t go tonight as I’d made plans some while ago. This is yet another game I’ll miss. The decision to move the game from tomorrow was a silly one in my view. I’m not sure many Charlton fans are that bothered about watching England over their club especially on the 30th Anniversary game.

In addition, the kick off could have been brought forward as many other clubs have done. It’s proved totally unnecessary of course with England now playing on Sunday.

We need a win but I’m really not confident. I can easily envisage us getting dragged back down the table particularly given Sandgaard’s total disinterest in anything Charlton.

I was pleased to see Olly Groome take him to the cleaners. The man’s a fool who seemingly knows even less about British employment law than he does about running a football club. Quite some achievement.

We can only hope that someone decent is waiting to buy the club and hopefully with it the Valley and the training ground.

Garner hasn’t done himself any favours recently but in terms of pure football matters the situation is not entirely of his own making. On that basis we can cut him a bit of slack although there is plenty he can improve upon.

I suspect that Sandgaard can’t afford can’t afford to dismiss him anyway especially after this week.

We have to hope that Ben can eek out enough points to keep us safe until a knight in shining armour arrives.

Fingers crossed for a win tonight.

Come On You Reds!

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