Monday 5 December 2022

Garner's Gone

The rumours started yesterday but have just been confirmed by Rich Cawley and it seems Garner has become the latest manager to be dismissed under Sandgaard's tenure.

Maybe the owner waited until today just to make the 5th December even more memorable alongside the return to The Valley and the infamous victory at The Den. Bizarrely, He was sacked yesterday it seems and yet Garner took training this really couldn't make this up!

His hire 'em and fire 'em approach isn't restricted to managers and Thomas has shown to be possessed of an awful recruitment process that started with Adkins and Roddy (remember him?).

Some of the firings have been merited (see above) but this is right up there with Jacko's as extremely harsh. It seems clear Sandgaard made promises he never kept. At a minimum, when left with only one fit and experienced striker, Garner must have believed at least one recognised and proven striker would be coming in.

Thomas made much of the prolonged selection process that preceded Ben's arrival and praised the style in which the new manager likes to play the game. However, having done so Sandgaard failed to give him the tools with which to do the job he'd been employed for.

Garner could repeat the commons speech of Geoffrey Howe and his cricketing analogy. If in similar fashion his dismissal is the catalyst for the Danish-American's demise then it won't altogether be a bad thing.

Whilst accepting the above, Garner hasn't been without making mistakes that have done little to help himself and have been hard to defend. The tactics and teams selections of late have taken an even more bizarre twist. I think last Friday's starting eleven was Garner's way of sticking two fingers up at the owner who was watching in the stands.

Yet Garner's dismissal is still something of a surprise at it will cost Sandgaard of course and at a time when it's rumoured he's looking to sell.

A caretaker is set to be appointed. That will probably be Anthony Hayes, I certainly hope so. I think he'd do a good job and in time will prove to be good manager much like Nathan Jones before him. Whether it could be too early for him to get it full time only time will tell.

Today already had us harking back for the good old days when everyone on and off the pitch was united and you were so proud of what had been achieved. One can only guess where we'll be in 30 years time but let's hope it's in a much better place than we currently find ourselves. 

Here's hoping!

Come On You Reds!


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