Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Tough Times Ahead of 22/23

The Addicks drew a blank again on Saturday but at least managed to shut out a Sunderland side the put 3 past Wigan the week before.

Whilst it was far from the best performance of the season we did at least battle hard right to the end.

It was good to have Stockley back in the starting eleven. Worth noting that since his return in the second half against Wednesday last week, we haven’t conceded. That indicates how much it helps to have the ball stick up front a bit and his contribution to the defence at set pieces.

The stats especially in terms of possession and more importantly, shots on target don’t make good reading. They’d be awful if we were playing away but at home it’s really not good.

However, the main thing was to stop the rot.

We need more to return from injury, not least Washington. Burstow clearly needs a rest if only from the pressure of the last few weeks.

We now approach the tail end of the season with the need to avoid relegation the only thing we have to play for. There are one or two players who ought to be giving it their all in respects of their own careers if nothing else.

We need to start getting some wins fast. The ongoing poor performances never mind results won’t help Jackson nor the club overall as it only adds to the uncertainty.

The sooner we can secure League One status (how depressing is that!) the sooner we can plan for next season. I would say the future but in reality we can’t look beyond next season.

We simply have to be challenging up the top of the table in 22/23. We also need to be producing better stuff on the pitch.

To that extent Jackson and Gallen need as much backing as Sandgaard can give them. Thomas would do well to trust the manager and Gallen over his son’s analytical data. I fear he may not!

There’s so much to be done before we kick off the next campaign. There’s no time for a rest.

Retaining season tickets holders and keeping the majority of fans on side will be a tough enough ask of its own! Thomas needs to come up with a very good offering if he’s to get anywhere near the number of season ticket holders achieved this season.

This year’s total was achieved on the back of a lot of goodwill, new hope and the relief of emerging post-pandemic.

Things have changed massively since July 2021 and on a global scale too. If the football industry is no more than common sense it’ll be a piece of cake.

To have any real chance we need Sandgaard to have a Road To Damscus moment and see the wisdom in seeking and taking the advice of other more football savvy and experienced poeple.

We’ll see!

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