Friday 25 March 2022

Donny Away

Typical of Charlton to win in my absence last week. Whilst I may have missed what has been a rarity in recent weeks, it seems the performance was disappointing and that has been rare.

However, another win was all important as we seek to remove any lingering worries about relegation.

Speaking of the dreaded drop, tomorrow’s oppo, Donny, are deep in it and are one of 6 teams that are most likely. However, aside from Crewe who appear marooned (geddit?) it is still possible for any of the others to escape if they can put a good run together.

The relegation battle looks like going to the wire.

The upturn in our results has a lot to do with the return of Stockley and Washington. We are so much a better side with those two in it.

In addition to that, one must say that a settled side has no doubt played a part.

It is ironic though, how amidst all the chopping and changing that went before it didn’t see the poorly performing players drop out. Nor did it allow for the untried and untested players like Nile John, to get a chance.

However, Nile shouldn’t abandon all hope. No, indeed it seems that he may get a few minutes at Portman Road assuming we’re totally safe from a spell in League Two!

Whilst being an advocate of keeping a settled side, I would push for Famewo to be restored to the starting eleven. Prone to the odd mistake as he is, he is a proper centre half who is more than capable at this level.

I would love to see him make a permanent move to The Valley in the summer.

As we approach April, it must be about time that the club will be sending out details of the 22-23 season tickets. A picture of Oliver Twist on the mail shot would seem to be in order.

“ Please sir, I want some more! “ ( of your hard earned, I know you’re taking a tremendous punt on any kind of return on investment and you’ve been dealt a poor hand this season whilst paying top whack for the most expensive seat in League One as free tickets fly around more freely than confetti at a wedding and we’ve overseen two poor transfer windows, one of which kippered us before a ball was kicked but we’ve listened and we’re really going for it and after all, football’s a simple business and my son Martin watches Sky Sports and owns a laptop with a computer programme that’s second to none and junior once managed a team of 80 people in a completely different industry and I’m thinking of laying down a new track to getting the Valley rocking after another clean sheet win.

I can’t wait for the envelope to drop through my door!

The Addicks ought to win tomorrow despite our poor away form as they should play with a degree of freedom against a team under pressure.

Come On You Reds!

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  1. Yeah well 3 wins on the bounce now n clean sheets n all, wot more can we ask for. It don't matter ow ourn win at this stage as long as ourn win. Ourn ad loss of chances against Donnie but Stockly got is goal n CBT was ahrtstandin. Ere are all them boo boys give Washington a break, we all miss pens so give it a rest.