Friday 10 August 2018

Lack of Anticipation

First home game of the season and we should all be full of hope and anticipation. However, like so many seasons under Duchatelet's ownership that just isn't the case.

I really didn't think he could take the club any lower than he already has but he's managed it. This week we have seen us start the season with just 5 subs on the bench aside from having to field a largely inexperienced starting eleven containing players who weren't really fit enough.

This was down to more than just about two or three injuries although they clearly don't hope. The news of the lack of water for academy players and the comments from Dulwich Hamlet about the pre-season friendly are further examples of damaging hand of the owner.

Even Duchatelet looking to sell it really doesn't have to be like this. However, even when he was remotely interested he showed little interest in his investment ( I don't think he's ever seen the club as more than that ).

You might have thought Duchatelet would want to maintain the club as an attractive proposition to potential buyers but he's seemingly not prepared to take the slightest action or make the minimal investment to achieve that.

In the meantime the EFL continues to look the other way. It's not just us either they apparently haveno desire to address similar issues at a number of other clubs. There is an apparent lack of duty of care within the organisation whilst any potential new owner has to jump through a number of hoops. That would seem pointless if someone does that it is then ok for them to act and behave in any want they like.

I do wonder at what stage, if any, the EFL would feel the need to step in. Maybe we'll find out in due course.

Back to the start of this piece and the lack of excitement. My younger son rarely goes to games these days. This is partly due to breaking the habit when he went to Uni but to be honest there's been little to attract him back even on an occasional basis under the present regime.

My older lad has maintained his season ticket depsite everything until now. For the first time in over 20 years he doesn't have one. At the time of writing I wait to see if he'll be sufficeintly enthused to go tomorrow as he may opt to go to the odd game here and there.

My friend Clive shares my lack of anticipation as we both expect naother season to endure. I'm sure we're not alone in this and that this is reflected across a number of fans. How many fans we will lose ?

I checked yesterday on ticket availability around where I sit. Having done so I'm going to be as lonely as a lighthouse keeper such are the vast gaps around me. What a mess !

I should be writing about the game tomorrow and reviewing Shrewsbury post Hurst and looking at our team and bouncing back from last week's heartbreaking defeat.

Supporting Charlton has never been easy has it ? This is the thinnest of thin ends of the wedge. All we can do is cling on to the hope that the old man will eventually be gone.

In the meantime as far as this season goes on the pitch all we can relasitically hope for is survival in tier 3. That is where we now find oursleves.

Sorry for the downbeat tone of this piece but there's little to be upbeat about. At least the weather's been good !

Come On You Reds !

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