Sunday, 26 August 2018

Crisps Prove To Be The Best Fayre At The Valley

The highlight of the day! * Please check with your line manager before opening.

It was pretty much a case of deja vu yesterday as another home fixture against the Cod Army resulted in a drab game with the same 0-0 scoreline as the one back in March. I'll not forget how bitterly cold it was that day even if like yesterday's game the match itself will not live long in the memory.

The silver lining from 5 months ago was that it was the last with Robinson as manager. As hard as one might look there's no apparent good news on the horizon save for some players returning from injury.

It was a crisp start from the Addicks as we broke quickly from kick off however, as packets of chips rained down from the stand there was no crisp finish. Indeed there wasn't to be one all after as only Grant was able to find the ( chesse and ) onion bag but was ruled offside.

I'm not convinced that he was but would need to see a replay. I think he stayed onside and a couple of others retreated from an offside position. However, neither side deserved to win this drab game with both teams squandering good opportunities to score.

Marshall replacing Morgan was the only change form Tuesday's starting eleven. Sadly he struggled to get into game and was replaced by Lapslie early in the second half.

Phillips acquitted himself well making a couple of good saves and in a competent display.

Igor came on for about 30 minutes but had little opportunity to score with our lack of creativity offering few chances. 

Taylor was both frsutrated and frustrating. Sure he was fouled a lot with the weak referee not seeking to give a free kick and / or issuing a card. However, his propensity to down like a sack of spuds a little once too often was irritating and something he needs to remove from his game.

As I said, sadly the crisps were the day's highlights. I know we're without a few of our better players but those on the pitch yesterday are capable of a lot better. The decision making and movement of the ball was all too slow yesterday. Both need to a be a lot quicker add to that a need to cross the first time more. Too many touches and a lot of passing backwards isn't helping.

We need to pick up a win soon to restore some confidence and also drag us up the table. It is possible for us to challenge for a top 6 spot but that needs a couple of additions, the play to improve and a largely injury free squad. All that is unlikely but without at least one or two of those we will struggle at the wrong end of the table.

The crisp throwing and the pre-match protest achieved their aims in highlighting the plight of the club and its staff. There was wide reporting from across all forms of social and traitional media. I don't hold out much hope that the EFL's propsoed metting with the club and the trust will bear much fruit. We can but hope but to date they've shown themselves to be ppor guardians of the game and the clubs within it.

They could at least satisfy us by clarifying the situation with the alleged takeover. They only need say whether they are awaiting more paperwork or whatever. Then that at least would be clearer.

I've more faith in the actions of ROT to push us nearer to our dream of a Roland free club. Please may that day come soon.  

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  1. All yourn do is vandalise our gaff givin ard pressed staff work they don't need clearin up all your mess. Them exenophobes are a dissgrace n should all get bannin orders.