Sunday 29 April 2018

Jacko Signs Off In Style

Skip - what a fantastic geezer !

Typical Charlton ! When we last departed the Valley we'd just taken 1 point from 3 games and the prospect of taking a full 9 from the next 3 seemed about as likely as Roly coming to watch a game in S.E.7.

Three totally comitted performances have seen us wholly turn things around. As others have observed you often learn more in defeat than victory. That seems very apt for the Addicks.

Lee, Lee, Lee Bowyer has managed to refocus the squad and again got them all pulling in the right direction. Those last 3 games have seen a real team effort and in each case it's been hard to cite more than one or two players who haven't had a good game.

Yesterday victory was as a result of a real fighting performance and maybe a slcie of luck with the goal. However, no one can really argue that we weren't owed that given the manner of our last two defeats.

It's to be hoped that Page's injury isn't too serious and that he can get back on the pitch next Saturday.

It's clear that the race for the playoffs is going to the wire. Clearly we will need to win again next week. I'm not 100% sure I think we could still miss out on goal difference.

Whatever Bowyer has worked wonders and all from day 1. He has really turned things around in showing us what most have said all along and that is that our squad is more than capable. Indeed, it is capable of beating any League One team.

The manager even managed to get The Valley rocking again yesterday having got the fans to take their support to a new level at Pompey.

Bowyer could achieve legendary status should he manage to steer us through the playoffs and the final and deliver a return to the Championship which is minimum of where we should expect to be.

Skip signed off yesterday with a wonderful speech. It was succinct, heartfelt and beautifully delivered. The man just oozes class.

Mr Jackson, sir, thank you for all your efforts and those wonderful memories. I sincerely hope you're not done with Charlton just yet. Hopefully there are many more outstanding memories to be made !


  1. Yes, exactly my feelings also GD and been saying it for ages. Gills will just roll over and can see them conceding 6 and yeah they not going to do CAFC any favours and yes also been stating even if we win it might well not be enough.
    As it is CAFC's game is as massive as the ones before and pleaseeeee do not blow it.

    1. John - IF we win next weekend we are in the Playoffs, regardless of other results.

    2. John, all we need to do win, what could possibly go wrong !

    3. Anon, you’re right of course. All we have to do is win and Charlton never let us down do they!!!

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