Sunday, 15 April 2018

Full Circle

The last time I posted we had just completed a hat-trick of victories playing some scintillating football. This coming from a highly motivated and passionate team. Robinson, his 4-2-3-1 and everything else that came with him all seemingly a distant memory.

Fast forward yesterday and we appear to have reverted to the last days days of the previous manager's reign. As swiftly as we turned things around from the Plymouth game we have moved back to where we started with equal alacrity!

I am perhaps fortunate not to have witness the away games at Rovers and Wimbledon. Neither were good and Wimbledon one could hope was a one off. Indeed, Bowyer was confident that the team would respond in the right way. Sadly, he was let down by nearly every player.

The passing was far too slow and there was no real cutting edge.

This was the bad old days not the good old days with Bowyer playing the Leonard Sachs role. However, the supporting cast were playing a very different tune for our delectation!

We secured 9 points in fine style pretty much against all odds and then in equal measure failed to get more than 1 when another 9 points seemed a pretty likely return.

The path to the play-offs seems even tougher now of course and another two games next week really won't help. We could hardly have picked more testing opposition than Shrewsbury and Portsmouth.

However, this is Charlton and so if we went and won both it oughtn't to be a surprise - expect the unexpected!

Realsitically it not's going to happen and the false dawn has cruelly raised our expectation and in typical Charlton fashion it has been dashed so quickly.

There is little to be optimistic about with the season fading away, no real sign of the takeover being completed, incredibly season ticket prices have risen ( over and above infaltion and certinaly not in line with what we've seen on the pitch for the majority of the season ! ) and the club remains rudderless.

In short, we're in the s**t !

However, history shows us that things can and do turn round and sometimes sooner than we could ever expect to hope. We need to cling on to that hope and perhaps look for inspiration from teams like Bournemouth, Burnley, Brighton and Huddersfield looking set to survive another season at the top table. 

We have to hope that the new ownership happens quickly or least in decent time before the start of next season with the manager ( whoever that may be ) suitably backed. Hopefully come kick off in August things will look considerably brighter.

Here's hoping !


  1. Hope what hope overpaid primadonnas. All get out and CHARLTON LIVE EFF OFF the ones who condone live and insulting personal remarks live on game broadcast

  2. Wonder if CARD have earmarked the Blackburn game for a renewed protest effort to put pressure back on the rat? By then Blackburn may already be promoted and ourselves nothing to play for. Even with promotion in sight, they too have had angst with the Venky's so I imagine would be willing participants in any protest.

    1. SA, personally I'm not sure that protests at The Valley have any real impact now with Meire gone and Roly sans any representative there. Action in Belguim on his manor would appear to be more effective. Please God, he'll be gone soon.

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