Monday, 23 October 2017

Out Of The Blue

Solly seems to be the hardest word.

Saturday's win oop north meant that The Addcicks came away from the two away games with 4 points. Appropriately as I've recently been listening again to Elton's 1976 album this all came a bit out of the blue.

A number of good performances amongst a solid sounding team performance. I'm not sure that we created a lot of clear cut chances but the result was everything and others will be too if we're to have any hope of catching the top two.

I'm not sure that Wigan will be caught by anyone but certainly one would expect Shrewsbury to slip up at some stage or have a bit of a wobble at least.

Sarr has impressed again and I don't think it has hurt our cause to add some height into the back four. It's all well and good saying how good Dasilva is going forward but we need some strength and physical presence in the back four and playing two full backs with Dasilva and Solly's stature is something of a risk.

Amos made two or three great saves and on another day Bradford might have got something from the game. However, they didn't and it makes a change to report on the oppo not taking chances rather than us.

Not many teams in recent seasons have come away from Bradford with all 3 points and that serves to underline how good the result was.

A week's break before we face a real slog of games most of them at home. A chance for the management team to consider an alternative to playing Magennis up front. In fact given the need to make the best use of the whole squad there are many options to consider.

No further news on the rumoured takeover has come to light with Miss Meire remaining tight-lipped. Mind you she's made any utterance for some time. Maybe she's waiting on her application to join The Cistercian Order. Since she's seemingly not said anything since early April she must be a shoe-in.

Whilst the last few games haven't produced exactly blinding performances we are now unbeaten since mid-September. That must be good for confidence and provides a good platform. Had we won a couple more of those our position would be really healthy but we're hanging in there. 

The real test is to see if we can still be up there by the end of the upcoming run of games. 

Come On You Reds !


  1. Very fair and good post and Meire has said something regarding the 25th annivesary dinner back at The Valley. But why as she has no idea or respect of CAFC's history.
    Very valid point about tactics and shape and Robbo at least in the last couple of games selected players to fit the system, but still preferring to play just one up front.
    Hey Ho we have a chance, but no T/O or maybe CAFC can keep going on a good run until January, but a long way to go and promised funds in January, very quiestionable indeed.

  2. John, I read late on Monday that La Meire had spoken or perhaps more accurately had a statement attributed to her. As other have said it's ridiculous that our CEO is so incompetent that she can't be trusted to speak in public not that she has anything worth saying. In respect of the players in the January transfer window there's no evidence that Roly will spend whatever promises he made to Robinson. In any case the January window is never an ideal time to buy and clearly Roland wants out so why would he spend even if he is still the owner as you allude to. It's a big ask in the meantime to stay in contention given Robinson's lack of flexibility.

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