Thursday 26 October 2017

Home Sweet Home !

Saturday sees AFC Wimbledon visit The Valley. This is the first of 4 successive home games with unusually, this being the only league game. The other 3 are comprised of 2 Checkatrade Trophy matches and an F A Cup tie.

Of all 4 games potentially only the one against Fulham U21s ought to realistically present any real difficulty. However, Charlton being Charlton I'm sure matters won't be that straight forward !

AFC have had a mixed set of results this season. Back to back wins in mid-October appeared to have got them on the right road before they suffered a reverse against Plymouth last weekend.

However, they lost to the only goal of the game and all the stats suggest that they were unfortunate not to come away with something from it. I don't envisage that they will sit back and get 11 men behind the ball. That promises for a good game.

Sadly, I'll not be there as I'll be celebrating a 90th anniversary on the Kent Coast. One that is in keeping with the stereotypical view of a Charlton fan !

Speaking of anniversaries I note that our esteemed CEO broke her long silence this week. At least in as much as a statement was attributed to her concerning the Back To The Valley dinner. Ah 1992 I remember it well ! A time long before Roly and Miss Meire started the downward spiral.

As a2c will no doubt observe there I go again with my xenophobia towards Queen Kat who's doing such a great job dahn our gaff. Please keep your silly comments to yourself although I'm sure you won't.

In respect of the BTTV dinner I'm disappointed that this is on a Sunday. Why could this not have been on the Saturday after the game when fans would already be there.

That aside it is of lesser importance than the proposed cost of £95 per head. Ah the people's game, the working man's game except it isn't these days is it.

I suspect that this is an attempt by Meire and Co to keep out the riff raff. After all we don't want those that this really means something to actually be involved. 

Imagine a family having to find the money for this. No kids rate tickets of course and this £95 doesn't include drinks either.........was this really organised by the boys team from The Apprentice !

It's a shame as I'd loved to have gone much like many others. I'll be surprised if they manage to sell all the tickets at that price.

On a brighter note we ought to win on Saturday and I shall be following from a distance as I hope our good run doesn't hit the buffers.

Come On You Reds !   


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  2. As usual, a masterclass in the English language from a2c!

    1. Expected nothing less Terry. I'm just surprised that seeing as Miss Meire is a woman we're not all accused of misogyny....I suspect it's only a matter of time!

  3. Judging by some of the remarks on other sites about the £95 price tag, at least the chips will have plenty of vinegar on them!

  4. CR, very true, no shortage of that in SE7. For £95 I'd want a seat at Roly's table ( not that he'll be there of course ) !

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  6. By the way, although I am known as Terry Morecambe Addick, I now live in a Margate, I just don't know how to change my title.
    But, rest assured, although my local, The Northern Belle, is a seething mass of West Ham supporters (including the landlord)I wear my Charlton badge with pride and even though I haven't converted any of the Hammers they now follow Charlton with interest and tell me that after the West Ham result, the first one they look for is CAFC! I left behind a similar crowd of Man. Utd and Liverpool supporters in Morecambe, Lancashire.

    1. Well done for keep flying the flag Terry. You might be able to convert a few Hammers when them up ground sharing with Orient! I’m intrigued as to how you’re an Addick from Morecambe? Assume you moved away from the SE7 are as a kid? I’ll not be far from Margate tomorrow just a little further round the coast. A splendid part of the world.

    2. I actually grew up in Eltham and my dad first took me to The Valley when I was eight back in the fifties when they were in the old First Division. I started going regularly when I was in my mid-teens and I was actually at the 7-6 Huddersfield game (GENUINLY!!!) I moved to Morecambe in 2013 but my eldest son and daughter asked me to move back down south and as I had mis-spent my youth in Margate I decided to move here. It is indeed a splendid place and althouth it still retains its lovely character it now has the added charm of The Old Town and, of course, The Turner Contemporary, a world class art gallery. The revamped Dreamland is well worth a visit too, they have done a wonderful job with it. The only downside is that property prices are going through the roof and I was lucky to have bought here when I did. If you want to visit a real pub you should pay a visit to The Northern Belle if ever you venture down here (that's if you can put up with renditions of Bubbles every now and then!

  7. Went to Margate many times as a kid and certainly Dreamland. Not been there since it re-opened but sounds like I ought as well as paying the pub a visit. Sounds like you're enjoying being back there !