Monday 2 May 2016

Full Steam Ahead !

Today's results have confirmed that Burnley have bounced straight back into the Prem. Well done to them. I admire that didn't overspend when in the Prem last season and also didn't sack their manager. As Katrien always says there much to said for stability and giving the manager a chance.

My one remaining hope as far as the other two promotion spots are concerned are that Brighton are taking the other automatic one. The play-off one I'd like to be Derby.

Our good record against Leeds continued on Saturday but of course it's meaningless not just because we're relegated but they had nothing to play off under their own awful owner.

Well done to Jordan and Ademola on their awards last night at the POTY do. This event has been criticised in some quarters but congratulations are in order to the organisers. The club tried to wrest this away from the fans before realising they didn't have the interest or capability to organise. Had this not happened then I fear it may have been lost forever.

The players should be acknowledged for supporting he event too. Most of them won't be pleased with this season and do care. It can't be easy to face the fans for most after this season.

For the life of me I can't understand Miss Miere's reasons for attending save for some more attention seeking. To feel that she had to do so surrounded by her minders is even more bizarre. If you really feel that unsafe amongst the Charlton hardcore that habitually attend the POTY ( I include myself in that although I didn't go this year ) do then don't go, it really is that simple.

Onto Saturday then and the denouement of the season. As I said at the start Burnley are up and that puts paid to any argument about whether or not to disrupt the game. Our club is a mess and we need to keep putting the pressure on the owner.

No doubt security will be stepped up particularly if the searches ahead of last night's event is anything to go by. Long queues at the turnstiles then I guess. All extra cost to paid for from somewhere out of diminishing match day returns. Perhaps some resourceful Burnley fans will have secured seats in home areas to help offset some of the cost.

They failed to plan for relegation and at least one member of the SMT was as recent as last week in denial over it. When will they realise the true impact of their actions ? Perhaps not until they look at an empty Valley week on week and the dreadful state of the accounts that will follow.

One can only hope that Duchatelet gets bored with his plaything in the next few weeks and sells the club. In the meantime on Saturday we can give a big nudge to help towards that decision.

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