Friday 4 January 2013

Ssshhhh !

My ongoing absence of internet access from home has forced me to blog from Milton Keynes library. Tuesday's game at Watford has prepared me well and there could be a smnay as 100 Watford in would I know ?

No pics of course just plain old text ( and you thought my blog couldn't get any less interesting !! ).

Sadly I'm not at the Valley tomorrow. Actually I'll be St Mary's watching the Saints take on Chelsea. I'm taking my partner's son who happens to be a Chelsea fan. It's my Christmas present for him. It'll be nice to watch a game without any concern over who wins.

My mind will of course be on events at the Valley. I'd have gone under other circumstances not least because of seeing a few of the non-regulars. I hope we can win at the first attempt and then draw a big club at home in the 4th round..........Everton would be my club of choice........I like them.

My 30 mins free access is coming to an end and so I need to finish here ( don't worry it didn't take me 30 mins to write this !!! I did do some other stuff ).

Good luck and best wishes to everyone going tomorrow. I hope you witness a good game although I doubt it'll match the excitement of new year's day !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Hi Phil
    Given the Reference to MK am I right in guessing that we meet up at halftime at VFR with Chris and one orvtwo others??


  2. Yes John correct. Hope you see a good game if you're going tomorrow. See you soon. Phil