Sunday 27 January 2013

Black Wednesday

I had intended to post something on Thursday ahead of yesterday's game, however, I received the very sad news of the untimely death on Wednesday of a very close friend. Yesterday's events did little to brighten my mood.

Can't blame Sir Chris for starting with the same eleven, why not or why would you change it. However, the way things were panning out it was obvious changes were needed. I'd have done so at half time but certainly when we went one up. Llera resembled a cart horse all afternoon and an injection of pace would have put both him and Gardner under more pressure.

Pritchard certainly wasn't having one of his better games and wasn't going to win the physical battle for sure. Jones was more astute in his use of subs something that as we know seems to be an achilles heel of Sir Chris.

Surely we should have expected a physical game but we didn't seem to have catered for it or at least have a plan b to do so. I know some may argue that we were 1-0 up with less then ten to go but lets be honest we never looked comfortable and their goals didn't come as a great shock.

Hey ho ! Onwards and upwards, Sir Chris continues to learn as does the team. A win next week at Palarse and we'll be feeling altogether happier eh ?