Wednesday 4 August 2010

Old Jokes Re-visited No. 235

" I say, I say, I say ! My wife's just been to Bournemouth "
" In Dorset ? "
" Yes, she highly recommends it ! "

You couldn't wish for more than playing Bournemouth in August or so you'd have thought...........playing them away would have been preferable. Just like our recent away trip to Blackpool, in the February I think it was, the fixture computer has done us no favours ! I'd have liked a weekend down that way in the summer.

I suppose I can't complain too much having just returned from the West Country having experienced the delights of Instow and Appledore. They are beautiful places and well worth a visit if you're down that way.

I'm never keen on playing newly promoted sides early in the season as they're usually well up for it. In addition, they'll be keen to put one over a side still viewed as one of the big boys in Division 3.

This season will be more of a struggle than last, no doubt about that. I not about to rush out and put a few quid on us winning the first 6 games. After all we no longer have McLeod to bang in the goals for us ! We have have hung onto Semedo and Racon to date although I appreciate they may still go but it's more than I expected. At least the prima donnas have gone and we're down to players who really want to be here and perhaps as a result we'll get more honest and commited team.

I guess we all have a rough idea of the side likely to take to the field of play as there really aren't too many options. At the time of writing we have no back up keeper as it appears that Marshall doesn't want to be a deputy, boom boom !

We still need another striker of course. I think we need a right winger too as Wagstaff for me is best as a sub not playing the full 90 minutes.

I'm aiming on going to Shrewsbury and Orient such is my renewed enthusiasm for the season and whilst I'm able to. Overall though I doubt I'll be taking in as many away games as I did last season although there are a couple that I'll definitely be at for various reasons.

I'll be praying that the boys get off to a winning start. I'm pretty sure I'll be nursing a hangover as I'm at the second test at Edgbaston on Friday and a pint or two will no doubt be sunk.

Come On You Reds !

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