Saturday 14 August 2010

Hats Off !

Well done Parky

What the hell do I know ? Something of a rhetorical question eh ! I'd have started with Solly and Sodje whilst leaving out Francis and Wagstaff. When Dailly was sent off I'd have kept Reid on and taken Wagstaff off. I moaned like hell about these decisions but ate humble pie well before the final whistle went.

For the second game running a player I rate very little turned in a man of the match performance so well done to Wagstaff. Like Solly I hope he can keep this up. I confess to going every so slightly mad when the third went in !

What a game and what spirit from the lads. Now we've got rid of the fancy dans and big time charlies we've a team that seems full of fight and spirit. This is what's needed and let's hope that we can really push on this season and get up. I think we have a real chance.

It might help if we can keep all eleven players on the pitch ! Again I felt a sense of injustice. Dailly's yellow for handball seemed harsh to me and the second too. I don't think the ref thought about a yellow until their player did a Nicky Bailey impression on the floor !

Every player worked their socks off last night and there was great support from us in the stands. All really good. It gave us all a chance to laugh at the ludicrous Man Utd fan in the home area........what a t**t !

Cricket for me today has been rained off and I could do with the same next week because I'm going to miss next week's game if not.

These sending offs will stretch our squad to the limit so let's hope we get through next week with no new injuries or suspensions, get another win and be all set to take on Huddersfield.

We are top of the league ( for now anyway ) !


  1. That bloke wearing the Man United shirt must have really regretted his choice of garment.
    He fell into the trap of offering out our whole stand, then realising he was very easy to recognise.
    He very quickly sneaked off, as our 3rd goal went in.
    It did seem rather odd to be chanting " We support our local team" at a section of Leyton Orient fans though!

  2. Yeah that was quite odd Marco, didn't ever expect that ! Usually that's saved for the likes of Man Utd fans etc eh !