Friday 11 August 2023

Peterborough Away

If a week is a long time in politics it's even longer in football and more specifically S.E.7!

My excitement and anticipation of last week has somewhat evaporated ahead of tomorrow's visit to London Road, It's not purely down to Tuesday's result. The performance and additions to the injury have serves to highlight the overall weakness of our squad.

Our need for a striker has been blatantly obvious for months well before the end of last season even. Despite being told our transfer targets and the associated budget had the agreed there's not been any progress to date. Leaburn's injury was unfortunate but we always needed more cover.

Just as worrying is the lack of movement out of the club. I really think it's to say goodbye to Kirk, DJ and McGrandles. Maybe we're having trouble shifting them.

Of more immediate concern is tomorrow's game of course. Playing last season's Play-Off semi-finalists away won't be easy. Posh went 4-0 up after the first leg only to remarkably lose the 2nd leg at Hillsborough. 

Darren Ferguson returned for the umpteenth time in January. It was an appointment that was largely questioned at the time but it proved the correct one.

We'll do well to keep Jonson Clarke-Harris quiet. He bagged 26 league goals last season on his way to jointly winning the golden boot along with Ipswich's Connor Chaplin.

Looking at ourselves we need to cut out the awful defensive errors and mistakes that accompanied all 3 of Newport's goals on Tuesday! Embarrassing and naive. Those who made the long trip up from London deserved an awful lot better.

Overall, given the paucity of our squad and our propensity to collect injuries we're probably better of out the cup, 

Let's hope we can emerge from tomorrow without further knocks and at present, I'd take a decent away point especially as we have another home game on Tuesday.

Come On You Reds!

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