Friday 10 March 2023

All We Are Saying.....

is give us a goal! 

Charlton haven’t scored since Tuesday 14th February so a goal or two is long overdue. 

The reasons for this go beyond simply playing some of the division’s better teams in games that have proven to cruelly expose the void between us and them. 

The simple truth is that we have largely been without our best fit striker who’s still in his debut season. We’ve also lost Chuks again although since his appearances are so rare I’m not sure you can include him. Kanu has mostly been overlooked although he reappeared last Saturday. Then you have Bonne……….. 

Do I need to say anything with regard to him? Let’s leave that rhetorical question there then. 

Tomorrow sees us with a good chance of scoring at least against an Accrington team that is hovering one point above the relegation zone. Stanley haven’t scored an away goal since 7th February so this has all the making of a cracking game! 

Accrington played on Tuesday and suffered a 3-0 defeat away to Ipswich that won’t have helped their confidence. In addition, keeper Jensen was sent off at the death and having lost their appeal Stanley will be without him tomorrow. The Reds are expected to recall Savin who’s currently on loan at Stevenage. 

Manager John Coleman also has a few injury problems so this is a good time to play them although we all know that often has little bearing on the type of performance The Addicks deliver! 

In terms of our injury problems then Fraser remains a doubt after missing out last week. Chuks is out for the season I believe and Kane (who he?!!) is also out. 

Penney was ironically (for me anyway) dropped last week and not before time since he’s added diddly squat to the team. Hopefully, he won’t feature tomorrow. 

Leaburn ought to start tomorrow maybe even with Kanu alongside him. Of late, we’ve carried such little attacking threat or intent as we’ve seemed preoccupied with the opposition and how to deal with them. 

The switch to 3 at the back hasn’t helped us either and has only served to add more confusion to our defence. 

Despite all the issues on and off the pitch we really should secure a win tomorrow although I suspect Accrington will be a tough nut to crack. Coleman will probably look to hit on the counter as and when they can. In their position and with their injury and suspension woes it’s unlikely that they’ll be adopting a gung-ho approach. 

I hope that Stanley stay up. They’re a decent club that has made fantastic progress in recent years and their owner, Andy Holt, is a top geezer as we know. 

The rumours that Holden might be going to Oxford have abated (Grant McCann is now heavily linked with that) and indeed the SLP are reporting that Holden has signed a contract extension. If so, that’s good news. 

I appreciate that Holden doesn’t get everything right but then who does? One has to acknowledge the positive impact he’s had and also consider the conditions he finds himself in. 

He is surrounded by uncertainty and working with a squad not of his own creation. As such, he is allowed a large amount of latitude. In fact, I think any manager is until the club gets decent backing and is properly run. 

We need to win tomorrow as the last four results have given cause for concern in respect of potential relegation and we really don’t need to add that to our list of woes! 

Let’s hope the overnight frost goes quickly and that the pitch is playable. It really would be no surprise for the game to be off and we face them later in the season when they’re at full strength and we’re in desperate need of the points! 

Come On You Reds!

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