Monday 30 January 2023

Charlton 1 Bolton 2

No real shame in defeat on Saturday to a decent Bolton side. However, we seemed a bit below par when compared to recent displays. There didn’t seem the same intensity we had against Barnsley for example.

Bolton are a well drilled and physical side who press well and forced several errors from our players.

The Trotters could easily have been 3 or 4 nil up at half time. Luck and excellent last ditch defending prevented it from being no more than 1-0.

Shoretire was a constant menace with bags of skills. The United loanee was a real handful.

Bolton ought to finish in at least third place. Their only Achilles heel appears to be their keeper. Trafford appears to make some dodgy decisions and his distribution looks a bit suspect.

He nearly messed up when Bonne went for the ball and ultimately got booked I felt it was a bit harsh as clumsy as the tackle was. Trafford invited that and it could have been costly.

We did well to score so soon after the break to get back into the game and one wonders how it might have been had JRS taken that near post chance that followed soon after.

Having worked so hard to stay in the game the Bolton second and ultimately the winner was a really poor goal to concede. It was error strewn and a total lack of communication cost us dear.

Holden has had an excellent start as manager and got most things right. I felt that Campbell and Leaburn were unlucky to be dropped. CBT and Bonne did little to justify their starting berths.

Dean really ought to have made changes before he did too. At least a couple of players didn’t merit staying on at half time.

CBT had a poor game where heavy touches, poor decision making and a failure to cross early enough wasted many attacks. He lacked any cutting edge on Saturday.

Penney had a poor debut and I’ll stop short using the old term used to describe a cheap comic but it did cross my mind when he opted to shoot from 40 yards late on!

I think he can be cut a bit of slack given his late arrival. He’ll have to do a lot better to convince me that he should start over a fully fit Sessingnon.

Morgan took his chance well but still fails to convince overall. In addition, I don’t get why he get to take free kicks especially when Fraser is on the pitch. We all want him to do well but the lack of consistency lets him down.

We’re into the final 2 days January and like most days concerning our club, they will be interesting.

We may see something happen with the ownership but that’s anyone’s guess. We’ve seen more nonsense trotted out in the last 48 hours.

It would seem that whatever happens in respect of those linked to date we’re in a lose-lose situation.

Sandgaard is a busted flush and the rumoured takeover mob don’t seem any better.

In respect of transfers I’m not convinced anyone will come in. If they do it’ll be a loanee or short term contract.

Kirk maybe on the way out along with Stockley. One has to feel for Kirk as things really have conspired against him. Perhaps a move would be best for him in the long run.

The same could now be said of Stockley. He has really gone down hill this season. He should never have been made captain. No striker should in my opinion but I saw little in terms of leadership from Jayden.

I think we would do well to move DJ on. I can’t recall him ever having a good game and despite all the hype around his transfer he really hasn’t cut the mustard.

Lots of water to pass under the bridge before we kick off again next Saturday. As always, we are mere bystanders and watch matters unfold from a afar.







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  1. Yeah I wonder when sess is back n all. Shame Sam as gawn after e scored the winnin pen against brighton I reckon e deserved better on ere.