Thursday 18 August 2022

Contrasting Matters

Tuesday's fine win over Argyle highlighted the initial progress on the pitch and it provides stark contrast to matters of it.

This was the first game that I've been able to attend due to my holiday. I knew when I booked it that I'd be missing a couple of games but sadly that proved to be Derby at home and Weds away which is a rare away for me that I always go to.

It was great to see a good performance where the attacking intent was maintained throughout the 90 mins. That was good to see as was the 5 different scorers.

Miles Leaburn scoring really was the icing on the cake. How wonderful it was to be chanting the Leaburn name again and an emotional moment for those of us old enough to have done so in the past.

Miles looks a good prospect and I was very impressed with his cameo appearance. One hopes there'll be many more reasons to sing out his name in the future!

Equally impressive were a number of players and in defence and midfield at least we have some strength in depth. The area for concern of course remains our dearth of strikers.

Whilst Miles and Henry are options for Garner they cannot be expected to feature as a main striker as they learn about life in league football.

Chuks is crocked again for at least another week and in any case, a fit Aneke will only ever be a bit part player. Not only that, one we have for another 3 years! That is unless another club comes in with a bid to sign him!

In respect of signing a striker, this transfer window has proved the most frustrating one. We knew we were losing 3 since May but yet we have seemingly not got anywhere close to doing so.

Sandgaard appears not to want to spend a penny on new recruits. However, if he's serious about backing Garner then he needs to do so. For our owner though cost cutting seems to be his greatest priority. The latest act of which was the make Olly Groome "redundant".

A nonsensical act in itself and executed in the most cowardly and distasteful fashion. Many defended Sandgaard in the manner of Jackson's departure but even Thomas's greatest apologists can't excuse this one.

It's one of many issues where off the field matters contrast those on it as decent, hardworking and loyal staff are discarded but the one that really ought to be tidying his desk remains.

In addition, we have the fiasco of the approach to ticketing as a whole. I've long moaned about the cost of season tickets and match to match tickets. The price is simply too high for third tier football especially if your alleged aim is to fill the stadium.

Allied to all that we now find the season ticket holders are being mailed less then 3 days prior to Saturday's game offering a free ticket. I'm pretty disorganised but even I make plans further ahead than that!

The 4 free tickets to season ticket holders was announced after the early bird deadline and as such, too late to incite those most likely to buy. It's also rather deceitful as the club will decide which matches you'll be offered them. As I understand it you don't get the option.

Naturally, these are likely to be for less attractive opposition and one suspects, a cold, wet night in February!

Sandgaard's other half is playing an increasingly prominent role in the club whilst no one seems quite sure of what her job role or title is. 

The owner is man who refuses to listen to those with the relevant experience and knowledge of our club. Instead, he'd rather pay "consultants" to help. That's going well isn't it!

Sandgaard's stock is probably at its lowest ebb but as long as we do okay on the pitch he'll escape the intense criticism of previous owners. Should that not be the case and/or we get much more of these bizarre off field decisions then we will probably witness a repeat of the scenes of the Duchatalet era.

On the pitch we need to and ought to beat a Cambridge team that performs better at home than away. The train strike puts my attendance in doubt which following Tuesday's marvellous display, is very frustrating! 

Come On You Reds!

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