Thursday 7 April 2022

Crunch Time For Sandgaard

A defeat on Saturday and a draw on Tuesday night has seen us drop more points in this most wretched of seasons. 

In so doing, we have brought up the ton in terms of yellow cards and added 2 more reds. Maybe there is something of a disciplinary issue that we hadn’t particularly noticed until last week! 

If you thought Gilbey’s second yellow on Saturday was crazy it was as nothing compared to Inniss’s straight red. Anywhere on the pitch it was a moment of madness but 5 yards or so in to the oppo’s half was totally idiotic. 

I hope the Dons player is ok because that could have been a career ending tackle.  

This apparent ill-discipline doesn’t reflect the persona of the manager. Jackson was not like that as a player nor is he as a manager. Is this the manifestation of the frustration of the players borne out of such an awful season? 

Now we are safe from relegation I thought we might expect to be clear on how will stay and who will go. I notice that the elusive Nile John and fellow loanee, Castillo weren’t in the squad. 

Given Saturday’s defeat and 3 games in 8 days if we were going to use them then it would have been last night. Clearly, they aren’t going to play so why are we wasting their time and ours and just send them back to their parent clubs? 

We need to use these remaining games to plan for next season and look at those players who will potentially feature. Already, we’re making a mess of things! 

Sandgaard is still in credit with the fans but doesn’t do himself any favours with overblown comments ( we’ll blow this league of the water, football is simple etc. ) in which he proves the opposite! 

In addition, the recent “consultation with the fans” seems nothing more than paying lip service as he clearly didn’t listen or just plainly ignored any feedback. He never discussed anything with Rick as he said he would. 

All that aside, the timing of the season ticket announcement clearly indicates that he had no time to amend anything and it was all cut and dried. 

Sandgaard can’t carry on the way he his, You can only bull***t the fans for so long. The latest “Premier League ready” soundbite is yet another example of the hyperbole. 

What does it even mean? Clearly it doesn’t have any relevance on the pitch as we’re a million miles away. Off the pitch, this looks like a fatuous comment too because, whilst I appreciate it’s an aim, there’s little to indicate that that’s likely to happen. 

This is especially true following the departures of 3 key members of staff alongside the lack of a suitable CEO. 

Increasingly, I feel that Charlton is a vanity project for Sandgaard ( the silly photo accompanying the season ticket letter did little to persuade me otherwise ). 

The upcoming season is make or break for Thomas. We will all watch with interest!

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  1. Yeah i can't understand them cards ourn keep gettin either. The Innis tackle was shockin juss shockin. I juss wish King Roland was still our owner. I could've seen ourn goin up with im in charge n all but with JJ as gaffer.